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Freezing Temperatures and Production Issues in the US Gulf triggers a Force Majeure and Lifts PGP Monomer, PP, and PE Resin Prices (01/19/2024)
Propylene Prices Continue to Climb Higher (11/09/2023)
Spot Propylene Prices Continue to Run Higher (10/20/2023)
Baystar Starts its New Polyethylene Plant in Pasadena, TX Utilizing its Borstar Technology (10/03/2023)
Braskem Halts Production at Marcus Hook Amid Industry Shifts (09/27/2023)
ExxonMobils $2 Billion Baytown Expansion (09/20/2023)
Two Fresh Force Majeure Declarations Amid Feedstock Woes (09/14/2023)
LyondellBasell to Close Oldest PP Unit Amid Market Challenges (09/11/2023)
PGP Monomer Market Faces Upward Pressure as Key Facilities Go Offline (09/07/2023)
DuPont Sells a Majority Stake in its Delrin Acetal Business, Continuing its Long History of Divestitures (08/25/2023)
M. Holland Co. Sells Majority Interest to Ravago Group (08/23/2023)
Delayed Recovery in Global PE & PP Markets (08/08/2023)
Polyethylene trading accelerated as we pulled into mid-month, our order flow was strong and well-spread amongst the typical commodity grade resins along with Roto resin and EVA too. Export sales had been trending higher already and have been further helped by ongoing logistical issues the past few months as regional supply / demand has been displaced. This has given producers additional demand and at rising prices, providing them with happy outle... [More]
Polypropylene had another very active week and a relatively high volume of resin transacted across our marketplace. About half of the transacted volumes were filled from our market-making inventory, and we only selectively restocked certain grades when workable opportunities presented themselves, which was infrequent. Availability has gotten a bit more snug, especially with the Ineos FM still in place out of Texas, and another major producer at r... [More]
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