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Braskem Halts Production at Marcus Hook Amid Industry Shifts (09/27/2023)
ExxonMobils $2 Billion Baytown Expansion (09/20/2023)
Two Fresh Force Majeure Declarations Amid Feedstock Woes (09/14/2023)
LyondellBasell to Close Oldest PP Unit Amid Market Challenges (09/11/2023)
PGP Monomer Market Faces Upward Pressure as Key Facilities Go Offline (09/07/2023)
DuPont Sells a Majority Stake in its Delrin Acetal Business, Continuing its Long History of Divestitures (08/25/2023)
M. Holland Co. Sells Majority Interest to Ravago Group (08/23/2023)
Delayed Recovery in Global PE & PP Markets (08/08/2023)
Graham Corporations Stellar First Quarter of 2024 (08/08/2023)
Resilience in the Petrochemical Industry (08/07/2023)
Westlakes Mixed Q2 2023: Growth in Housing, Decline in Performance Materials (08/04/2023)
Myers Industries Q2 2023: Adapting to Challenges and Eyeing Growth (08/04/2023)
Polyethylene trading improved, but domestic sales still fell short of our traditional results; September has been weak even on 2023 basis and most fellow distributors / resellers tend to agree. HDPE Blow Mold was the preferred resin of choice this week, with LDPE and LLDPE transactions close behind. All commodity PE grades regained at least the penny that had been lost a week earlier, LLDPE resins picked up an additional half-cent. While high vol... [More]
Spot Polypropylene trading was better, but similar to Polyethylene, completed volumes have been disappointing especially considering the fairly volatile market. Our completed volumes for HoPP outstripped CoPP this past week. The ongoing monomer and resin production issues lifted PP pricing by $.015/lb on the week, regaining the previous week’s loss, thus returning the monthly spot gain to $.025/lb. Producers have been asking higher levels for spo... [More]
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