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Anar Chemical IndustriesProvides dyes, pigments and intermediates.More
Avtec IndustriesProduces passive fire protection products for a wide range of applications.More
Brüggemann ChemicalProvides raw materials for reactive processing of three distinct families of materials based on Nylon 6 (polyamide 6). The materials are used in a wide range of applications.More
Specialized Technology Resources, Inc. More
3N International Inc.3N Int. offers a variety of non-ferrous metals and chemicals products. More
3V USAProvides detergents, textile products, intermediates, water treatment, plastic additives, paper, equipment.More
Acme HardestyMajor marketer and distributor of a wide variety of vegetable oil- and animal fat-based oleochemicals, flavor and fragrance chemicals and other industrial chemical products.More
Acton TechnologiesManufactures chemicals for modifying the surface of fluoropolymers to enable adhesion.More
Acupuncture PerthOur clinic enjoys a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where problems are discussed and solutions formulated to bring health, harmony and well-being. Healing often requires a change in lifestyle either on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual planes. More
AddMaster Ltd.AddMaster develops innovative masterbatches and technical compounds for the polymer industry.More
Aksoy Plastik SanayiiColor masterbatches provider.More
Akzo Nobel ExpancelProducer of EXPANCEL® microspheres - small spherical plastic particles.More
AL Hyde CompanyExtruders of thermoplastics in rods, sheets, tubes and custom profiles, Acetals, Nylons, Cast Nylons, Polycarbonate, and High Performance Materials.More
Albemarle Corporation More
Amco Plastic Materials Inc.Distribution, Compounding, Color, Additives and Expertise.More
American Colors Inc.Provides the plastics and coatings industries with Superior Color Systems.More
American Wood FibersSupplier of wood flour and wood by-products.More
Americhem Inc.Manufacturer of custom color concentrates, additive concentrates, and specialty dispersions for the plastics industry.More
Amjadi Trading & Industrial CompanyProducer of plastic products, importer of plastic raw materials and exporter of these items to different countries.More
Amspec ChemicalSpecialty chemicals solutions.More
Andus Research and Development More
Artemis Industries Inc.Plastic raw material provider.More
Artemis Industries Inc.Distributor of chemicals, plastics, composite materials and environmental services in North America.More
Ashley Polymers Inc.Provides a full range of engineered resins, ranging from premium lines to economy materials.More
Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Inc.Thermoplastics, composites, laminates, pultrusion, rotomolding, rubber and elastomers, polyurethanes.More
BASF Colorants and Additives GroupLeading manufacturer and marketer in the worldwide plastics industry.More
BlachfordDeveloper and producer of a wide range of specialty industrial products.More
Boltaron Performance Products, LLC.Transportation, general thermoforming, industrial corrosion applications, wall protection for the construction market, graphic arts pre-press and flexographic, silk screen and off-set lithographic printing.More
Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.Manufacturer of specialty chemicals for aqueous industrial systems.More
C-Tech CorporationManufacturer of chemicals in India.More
C.H. ErbslohQualified partners for creativity, technical consulting, service, special chemicals and industrial minerals.More
Cal Thermoplastics, Inc.Supplier of plastic resins, with emphasis on polyolefins.More
Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch Suppliers – We Provide You Hight Quality Product including best parformence Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch and CompoundMore
Carolina Color Corp.Supplies color concentrates (masterbatches), dry color and liquid color.More
Caruna Spa and Wellness CenterCaruna Spa and Wellness Center is located in Miami, FL. It is near by Brickell and downtown Miami. We offer variety of services including facials, cellulite and body contouring, laser hair removal, massages, manicure and pedicure and more.More
Chardon LaboratoriesWater treatment and technical support.More
Chemate GroupDicotyl Phthalate DOP Plasticizer. Chemate is a reliable supplier of chemicals with more than 15 years of export experience. More
Chemate GroupReliance PVC Resin SG5 Supplier in China. More
Chemate GroupGet Reliance PVC Resin SG8 price from our company. More
Chemate GroupAs a reliable and professional factory agent, Chemate can supply PET Chips with the best price. More
Chemate Technology Co.,LtdIf you plan to purchase phosphoric acid in bulk, choose a reliable and professional phosphoric acid manufacture&supplier is very important. Chemate is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production, research and development, sales and service based on phosphorus chemical industry. More
Cheng Feng Enterprises Co.Manufacturer of master batch and pigments.More
Chrostiki S.A. More
Citicon GroupTrades chemical raw materials, and plastic raw materials.More
Cloisite NanoclaysProvides Cloisite® additives, which consist of organically modified nanometer scale, layered magnesium aluminum silicate platelets.More
CME Plastics Inc. More
Cognis ChemistryLeading specialty chemicals company.More
Colloid Research Inc.Paint & Coatings for Roofing, Concrete and Wood.More
Color Master IncorporatedProvides color concentrates.More
Colorshift Products Inc.Provides light interference and light diffractive pigments.More
Columbian Chemicals CompanyProvider of high-quality carbon black additives for rubber, plastic, and liquid products.More
Command Chemical CorporationManufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals, custom contract manufacturing services, toll manufacturing services, logistics solutions, and supply chain management expertise. More
Composites OneDistributor of fiberglass and advanced composite materials.More
Composites Worldwide Inc.Provides news, organization data and contacts, plus composites technical and business information.More
Cromex S.A.Leading company in the Brazilian color concentrate market.More
Crompton CorporationProducer and marketer of polymer products and specialty chemicals.More
Crowley Chemical CompanySupplies customers with organic chemicals derived from both petroleum and coal tar.More
CSI PlasticsPurchases Surplus and Scrap Plastics from Resin Producers, Molders, Extruders, Fabricators, and Recycling Companies. More
Cyro IndustriesSupplier of specialty acrylic solutions.More
de Walque & Associates SprlChemicals marketing.More
Delta ColoursSupplier of color pigments and color effects for plastics, coatings, construction, and other industrial manufacturers.More
Denton PlasticsProcesses the entire spectrum of thermoplastics ranging from engineering grade resins, such as A.B.S., polycarbonate, nylon, commodity resins such as polyethylene, polypropylene, styrene, PVC.More
Denver Plastic Co.Solutions for your injection molding needs.More
DeWolf ChemicalsPerformance chemical solutions.More
Diversified CPCLeader in the production and manufacturing of the highest quality aerosol propellants, specialty gases, alternative fuels, NGL refrigerants, physical foam blowing agents, and related products available.More
Dover Chemical CorporationProducer of alkylphenols, chlorinated paraffins, polymer additives, liquid and solid antioxidants (including organophosphites), flame retardants, and additives for water-based and oil-based metalworking fluids.More
Dow Chemical Co. More
Dow Corning CompanyRevolutionized the industry with ultra-high molecular weight siloxane additives.More
DualloyPolymers trader and distributor.More
DuPont Dow ElastomersPolymers trader and distributor.More
DuPont Fluoroguard More
DuPont Packaging More
DuPont Titanium More
Dymax Corp.Adhesive selection, process development and product validation.More
E-Z Color Corp.Provides granular products, additives and fillers, super pellets, spin bond, toll processing.More
EatsmanProducer of polyester plastics for packaging and is a leading supplier of raw materials for paints and coatings, inks, and graphic arts, adhesives, textile sizes and other formulated products, and of cellulose acetate fibers.More
Elm Grove Industries, Inc.Manufactures and sells a line of high performance water-based adhesives and extrusion primers for various flexible laminations.More
Empower Materials, Inc.Produces poly(alkylene carbonate) product family that incorporates the unique technology of carbon dioxide based copolymers which is in essence a plastic form of carbon dioxide.More
EngelhardManipulates basic materials — typically minerals — to alter their structure and surface characteristics.More
Environ Products, Inc.Manufacturers service station equipment which includes GeoFlex piping, tank sumps, dispenser sumps & pans, flexible entry boots, leak detection, safety valves and various fitting systems.More
EPI GlobalManufactures proprietary plastic compounds, degradable and biodegradable plastics additives for agents, distributors, licensees and end-users, with primary focus on developing and marketing its range of TDPA environmentally-friendly products.More
Everlast Plastic LumberLawn care and outdoor building needs.More
Everlight Chemical Industrial CorporationChemical producer in China.More
Extrutech Plastics, Inc.Custom Extruder of Close Tolerance Profiles.More
Exxon Chemicals More
F&D Plastics Inc.Produces PE, PP, PS, ABS, SAN, PVC, Nylon, PC, PET, PETE, Acetal, Acrylics, EVA, TPE, TPO, glass reinforced thermo plastics, among others.More
Fabricated Extrusion Company, Inc.Custom designed and produced plastic components.More
Federal Hose Manufacturing, Inc.Recognized leader in the manufacture of flexible interlocking metal hose and the distribution of silicone hose.More
Ferro Corp.Producer of technology-based performance materials for manufacturers.More
Film Specialties Inc.Developer and manufacturer of anti-fog film technology.More
Finornic Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd.Pioneers in the manufacture and export of various intermediates for Nylon Tyre Cord and Rubber antioxidants in India.More
Fitz Chem CorporationProvides services and distributes specialty chemical products to segments of adhesives, coatings, ink, institutional & industrial, personal care, plastics, rubber and related industries.More
Flex TechnologiesManufacturer of thermoplastic molded and extruded products and assemblies for the automotive industry.More
Florakim Kimya Deterjan SanayiChemical trader in Turkey More
Foamex International IncFoamex is the leading producer of flexible polyurethane foam for the bedding, furniture, carpet cushion and automotive markets as well as technical foams for diverse applications in industrial, consumer, electronics and transportation industriesMore
FormatechPlastics extrusion.More
Formosa Plastics Corporation USAManufacturer of plastic resins and petrochemicals.More
Fowler Products, Inc.Provides full capabilities and a single vendor service for all of your extrusion requirements, from start to finish.More
Fram Trak Industries, Inc.Plastic processing company, which has been manufacturing custom and proprietary products since 1978.More
Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd.Supplies synthetic silica products.More
GaMra Composites, Inc.Custom plastics extrusion company specializing in Advanced Extrusion Process Development, Design Consulting and Specialized OEM Extrusions.More
GenCorp Inc.Works on three different businesses: Aerojet, Real Estate, and Aerojet Fine Chemicals.More
Georgia Gulf CorporationGeorgia Gulf is a major manufacturer and marketer of two integrated product lines, which include chlorovinyl and aromatic products.More
GIANCO Diversified Environment ServicesSpecialized in the implementation and management of comprehensive environmental and recycling programs and the distribution of related products.More
GT Plastics, Inc.Specializing in vinyl extrusion and assemblies there-of. More
H & S Whiting Inc.Supplies calcium carbonate to a variety of industries.More
HancorDrainage pipe, storm water management, water drainage etc.More
Hangzhou Star-up Pigment Co., Ltd.Producer of organic pigments in China.More
Harvel Plastics, Inc.Outstanding PVC and CPVC pipe extrusions.More
Henan Fengbai Industrial Co.,LtdHenan Fengbai is a top and professional manufacturer and supplier of various water treatment chemicals. We can supply chemicals for drinking water and wastewater treatment, as well as siwmming pool water treatment, etc. More
HI-TEC Plastics, Inc.Extrusion plastics manufacturer.More
Hirotec Inc.Innovative Glow Colorants with Solid Technical Support.More
HM Royal Inc.Solutions-based materials supplier for manufacturers, formulators and compounders in North America.More
Holland ColoursSupplier of innovative and cost effective colour and additive concentrates.More
Honeywell RheochemGlobal leader in the production of high-performance specialty materials products such as fluorocarbons, specialty films, advanced fibers, customized research chemicals and intermediates.More
Honeywell Specialty MaterialsGlobal leader in the production of high-performance specialty materials products such as fluorocarbons, specialty films, advanced fibers, customized research chemicals and intermediates.More
HPPL GroupHPPL group is one of the leading Lead products manufacturers & Suppliers in India with over three decade of expertise in manufacturing these products are extensively make use of in Plastics and allied manufacturing processesMore
Hudson Extrusions Inc.Most extensive product inventories of any extrusion company.More
Hunsinger Plastic Extrusions, Inc.Plastic extrusion products.More
Huntsman More
Hyderabad Pigments Pvt. Ltd.Hyderabad Pigments Pvt. Ltd. is one of the renowned manufacturers in India, engaged in the production and supply of an exhaustive range of Lead Alloys and Oxides to a broad spectrum of clientele.Using the sophisticated Barton Pots and Red Lead furnaces, we produce the perfect quality of this red alloy in Setting as well as Non Setting grades. The Non Setting grade that we offer is ideally suited to Lead Acid storage batteries, glass, paint, plastic and rubber manufacturing industries.More
Ian Flockton Developments Ltd.Supplies and uses of Thermoplastic materials.More
Imaging, USD & SantronicsSCCs ESD Products Division is the worlds largest manufacturer of Static Shielding and Moisture Barrier Bags and personnel grounding products.More
Imhotep LtdDevelops new technology to make thermoplastic composite profiles with the aesthetics of plastic extrusions and the performance of fibreglass composites.More
Inplex LLCSpecializes in small to large volume extrusion of flexible plastic tubing and rigid plastic tubing.More
Intek Plastics Inc.World class manufacturer of engineered thermoplastic extrusions.More
Inteplast Group, Ltd.Offers a wide range of quality products designed with a strong commitment to excellence and integrity.More
Interlink-18Trading company dedicated to the import, export and distribution of raw material as well of finished products for the Plastics, Rubber, Chemical, Energy, Communications and Food industries.More
IPC Midwest PlasticsSheet extrusion, profile extrusion, vacuum forming, injection molding.More
IPL Inc.North American producer of molded plastic products through injection and extrusion for various industrial sectors.More
ISO-Trude, Inc.OEM manufacturer of custom extruded plastic profile components for a wide variety of industries.More
Italmatch ChemicalsProducer of phosphorus derivatives.More
ITW TACCFoamseal urethane adhesive products are used to effectively and efficiently construct the ceilings, walls and floors of manufactured housing and recreational vehicles.More
J.Ward-Turner Plastics GroupDesigners, manufacturers and suppliers of a full range of corrugated twin wall and solid polypropylene semi finished and finished products since 1982.More
Jabat, Inc.Designs and builds tooling for profiles and tubes to rigid customer specifications.More
JIC Enterprises, Inc.Plastics recycling.More
K-Net Asia Ltd.Trading raw material and machinery.More
K. Sakai & Co., Ltd.Supplier of purging compound.More
Kansas American Tooling, Inc.Manufacturing the finest quality Tooling available in the Plastic Extrusion Industry.More
KauCuk, a.s.Chemical enterprise.More
Keller ProductsProviding precision-built, custom-molded plywood shells to leading high-end drum manufacturers.More
Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.Chemical enterprise.More
KibbeChem, Inc.Supplies blowing agents and colorants.More
Kraton PolymersDeveloper of styrenic block copolymer chemistry.More
Kurz-KaschManufacturer of Conventional and Encapsulated Coils and Stators, Engineered Composite Components and Subassemblies, Magnetic/Electrical/Electronic Sensing Devices, and High Performance Solenoids.More
Lancer Dispersion Inc.Provides custom color concentrates, precision precolor compounding services, specialty additive concentrates and proprietary compounds for thermoplastics, specializing in thermoplastic elastomers.More
Lanier Color CompanyCreate the custom color effects on surfaces.More
LarSan Chemical CompanyDiversified Distributor of Plastic Engineering Resins, Purging Compounds & Chemical Additives for Compounding.More
Lauren Manufactoring Co.Source for high-tech, custom and standard molded or extruded polymer solutions and gaskets that meet the highest industry standards and help reduce your overall cost. More
LaVanture Products CompanyDistributes a wide variety of products to general industry and O.E.M. manufacturers.More
Leadcorp MediaLeadCorp Media is the best Digital Marketing Company of San Diego, CA. It has huge number of Satisfied customers. For more info visit website. More
Lear CorporationAutomotive interior systems supplier.More
Loctite Worldwide More
Loxcreen Company, Inc.Custom aluminum and vinyl extruder.More
LPI Legacy PlasticsCustom thermoplastic Profile extrusion company consisting of a highly skilled team of extrusion specialists offering quality products.More
LTL Color Compounders, Inc.Color and additive compounding company in North America.More
Lyon Polymers Inc.Porvides color concentrates, polymer additives, flexible compounds, flexible PVC replacements.More
M&Q Plastic ProductsActs on the plastics manufacturing market.More
Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties LLCProducts for the rubber and plastic industries.More
Master BondA manufacturer of Adhesives, Sealants and Protective Coatings More
Mayfair PlasticsSpecializes in extrusion blow molding in HDPE, LDPE, and Polypropylene.More
Medallion Plastics, Inc.Medallion Plastics, Inc. was founded in 1976 as a manufacturer of thermoformed products for the recreational vehicle industry. Since then the company has undergone tremendous growth in size and diversification.More
Medical Extrusion Technologies, Inc.Custom tubing extrusions.More
Mergon, Inc.Manufacturer of high quality molded parts.More
Mesa IndustriesProducer of high quality colorants, additives and compounds for the plastics industry.More
Mesa Kimyadegreaser, rust remover, paint removal, lime removal, liquid soapMore
Michelman, Inc.Waterborne, performance-enhancing wax emulsions and dispersions (and wax powders), Water-based functional and decorative coatings and Inline coating application equipment for webbed paper and paperboard substrates.More
Microdyne Plastics, Inc.Complete Facilities for Engineering, Tool Construction & Production of Precision Parts for your Plastic Injection Molding and Blow Molding requirements.More
Mikron Industries, Inc.Designs and extrudes numerous products fot building industry, including vinyl windows and doors.More
Milliken & CompanyTextile and chemical manufacturer.More
Mineral and Pigment Solutions, Inc.Supplies only the highest quality minerals, colors, chemicals, resins, additives and equipment.More
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America, Inc.One of the largest methanol producers in the world.More
Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc.Produces Chemicals & Intermediates, Chemical Solvents, Specialty Polymers and Engineering Plastics, Functional Materials, Electronic Materials and Adhesive Resins.More
Monarch Plastics, Inc.Manufacturing and service businesses in USA, Canada, Uganda, Kenya, India & the United Kingdom in over ten diverse industries.More
Multi-Mold Plastics Inc.Custom and stock blow moulder of plastic containers catering to the Food, Chemical, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceutical industries.More
Multiplas International, Inc.Worldwide base of plastics manufacturers and distributors serving the industrial and consumer marketplaces.More
Nalge Nunc InternationalDesigns, develops, and manufactures plastic products for use in labware, packaging, environmental, biotech and life science applications.More
National Plastics Color, Inc.Specialized in color concentrates and BOPP additives.More
New line smile networkNew Line Smile is a specialized dental marketing and practice consulting company. More
NEW Plastics Corp.Has been a full service custom plastics Blow-Molder since 1968 and has manufacturing facilities in both Luxemburg and Coleman Wisconsin, USA.More
Ngai Hing Hong Co. Ltd.Premier plastics resin corporation in The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since April 1994.More
NovachemPurging Compounds for injection molders, extruders and blow molders of thermoplastic materials.More
Nubiola Inorganic PigmentsProduction of inorganic pigments.More
Nyco WollastoniteAs the original producers of wollastonite, NYCO corporate history dates back to the commercialization of this unique mineral.More
Occidental Petroleum CorporationWorld leader in oil and natural gas exploration and production and a major North American chemical manufacturer.More
Old World Industries Inc.Providing airport liquid runway deicing agents.More
ONeil Color & CompoundingColor and Additive concentrates (masterbatches) and engineered compounds, formulated for specific end products.More
Owens-Illinois Packaging SolutionsPackaging quite literally shapes consumer products into what is recognized on store shelves.More
P.A.T. Products, Inc.Carries a vast range of products for use in numerous areas of the plastics industry.More
Pankaj Jha Deutsche Bank More
Paragon Packaging, Inc.Blow mold manufacturer of plastic bottles from 24 oz to 128 oz. Stock bottles as well as custom molds available. Gallons, half gallons, quarts, and various designs.More
Pasad ChemicalsTrading in the field of Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Allied products.More
Peacock ColorsColor and Additives, pantones.More
Penn Color, Inc.Provides color dispersions with a commitment to preserving the environment and a focus on the next generation of colorants.More
Permabond Engineering Adhesives LtdAdhesives for bonding plastic, rubber and other materials. For design, assembly, production and maintenance.More
PJ Murphy Forest Products Corp.Provides wood by-products industry.More
Plastek GroupSupplies over 80% of the oval deodorant stick containers produced in the non-captive U.S. market, and was a pioneer in the development of the first line of clear gel, anti-perspirant packages released in North America.More
Plastic Bottle CorporationProducers of plastic bottles specializing in containers for the automotive, household chemical and cosmetic/personal care industries.More
Plastic Selection GroupPlastic material development and selection.More
PlasticolorsSupplier of advanced colorants and chemical dispersions for the thermoset plastics and paint & coatings industries.More
Plasticoncentrates, Inc.Manufactures Plastic Color & Additive Concentrates.More
Plastics Color Corporation, Inc.Supplies color, additive, multifunctional concentrate, dry color, liquid color, specialty and toll compound.More
Polimeros NacionalesManufacturer and distributor of plastic resins.More
Polymer DynamixCreates custom formulated additive concentrates and materials for the thermoplastics market.More
Polymer Institute BrnoResearch Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry (RIMC) has long been the research base of the applied research in the field of polymers.More
PolyOne Corp.Sources plastic compounds, colorants, thermoplastic elastomers, specialty vinyl resins, polyurethanes and engineered films, plus an array of specialty additives.More
Polyvel Inc.Resource for the latest in additive concentrate technology for the plastics industry.More
Pressure Chemical CompanyProvides process development, piloting, custom and toll manufacturing services to manufacturers employing chemical compounds and other sophisticated materials in their products.More
Primex Plastics CorporationProduces HIPS, PE, ABS, PET-G, PP, Tuff-X and Cor-X materials.More
PrismFlexOffers high opacity pad printing and screen printing inks which return the printer to "one hit" printing, increasing profits and preserving expensive equipment.More
Pro Technology International Ltd.Plastics for ecreational vehicles, automotive, electrical/electronics, business machines, medical equipment, sport and leisure.More
Purge USAOffers non-toxic and nonflammable plastic purge compound.More
R.J. Marshall CompanySupplier of particulate raw materials.More
Rapid MasterbatchesRapid Polymer Masterbatches is one of the best manufacturers, supplier & exporter of quality masterbatches in India since 1974. We offer wide range of premium masterbatches i.e. black, white, colour, effect & additive masterbatches for automotive, construction, agriculture, packaging, medical, home appliances, electrical and many more industries. More
Realistix SolutionsRealistix Solutions creates a clearly defined, well structured travel booking tool in the form of a free, online subscription service. Please visit . More
Redlight KsantaAgrofilm RedLight™ is covering light transforming polysvetan photoactive (speeding photosynthesis and other positive biological processes) material at the base of LDPE or other polimers containing KSANTA ADDITIVE in its polymeric matrix.More
Reedy International CorporationCreates and produces advanced thermoplastic additives for the injection and extrusion industries.More
ResinexPlastic, rubber and chemical raw materials distribution company.More
RGL Sales and Marketing Inc.Plastic processor needs, purging compound, screw tips, screws, barrels, silicone mold release, chillers, cooling towers, bulk material transfer, hopper dryers, liquid color and additives, stretch wrap, carton tape and other packaging needs.More
Ricon Colors Inc.Provides a product that meets your specifications and improves your processing efficiencies at the lowest cost possible.More
Rit-Chem Co. Inc.Sales agents for major domestic and foreign chemical producers.More
Rite Systems ColorantsPlastic, polymer, resin, and colors are their specialty.More
Riverdale ColorManufactures liquid color and additive dispersions.More
Rohm and HaasWorldwide supplier of plastic additives used in a large variety of applications for vinyl, polyester, polycarbonate, and other engineering plastics or blends.More
Ronald Mark AssociatesSupplier of thermoplastic raw materials.More
RubberLine Inc.Our commitment to our customers is to listen, to innovate, to help overcome problems our customers face, with quality products, reliable service and undaunted focus on excellence. More
S&L Plastics, Inc.Custom injection molding, custom profile extrusion, custom sheetm extrusion.More
Samsung Total Petrochemicals More
Sasol WaxSpecialist for natural and synthetic paraffin wax as well as paraffin-related products.More
SHANGHAI TRICO BARIUM SALTS BUSINESS DEPT.We can supply barium boron oxide(metaborate) product for resisting corrosion, powder and mildew. It is good at color keeping, anti-stain and fire resistance, esp. in painting and pigments industry as rusting-proof agent. Especially used in the coating production for optic cable and submarine wire. Our industrial grade of barium sulphate products are widely used in different cosmetic, paint, oil, pigment, printing ink, textile, glass, pottery, wireless industry, paper-making, plastic and rubber products like latex thread.More
Sheffield Plastics Inc.Sheffield Plastics Inc. is a recognized market leader in the production of high performance thermoplastic sheet for over fifty years. More
Shutters, Inc.Manufactures the best custom component shutter on the market today.More
Skychem - Zhuhai Skyhigh Chemicals Co.,Ltd.Dedicated in developing and producing performance organic pigments, colorants, chemical intermediates and specialty chemicals.More
Slide ProductsAerosol solutions.More
Small Business Telephone ServiceCallFire provides voice and text connectivity to over 100,000 businesses. Customers include nonprofits, political groups, insurance agents, small-business owner, and marketers. More
Sonepa Plastic Industry Inc.Manages virtually all post industrial and post consumed plastics, rubbers and plymers recyclable materials.More
Sonoco Products CompanyInjection-molded and extruded products for the textile, film, tape, wire, filtration and food service industries, including plastic cores, cones, spools, reels, bobbins, dye springs, tubes and trays.More
Southland PolymersPrivides high-quality and full-service solutions for costumers resin needs.More
SouthTech Plastics Inc.Southtech Plastics originated in New Bern, NC in 1989. For over ten years, Southtech has serviced the marine, automotive aftermarket, furniture, office supplies, and recreational vehicle markets. More
Sovitec CataphoteProducer in Europe of glass microbeads.More
SpaceAge Synthetics, Inc.Providing material solutions to customers in the transportation, marine and building products industry.More
Spartech Corp.SPARTECH's Operating Philosophy, as shown below, includes "Focused Growth" and "Continuous Improvement" strategies to support our commitment to generate value for our customers, shareholders, and employees.More
Spectrum Plastics, Inc.Spectrum was founded in 1985 as a Southern California marketer of commodity plastic packaging.More
Spencer Industries Inc. More
St. Jude PolymerIndustry leader and innovator, we have developed washing, extruding, solid state and sheet applications.More
Stevens UrethaneOffers a full range of thermoplastic polyurethane film, sheet and tubing.More
Struktol Plastic AdditivesProduction, technical, and support staff to meet the market needs of the polymer industry.More
Sukano Products AGPolymers, compounds and masterbatches.More
Summa IndustriesProprietary plastic components and smart thinking.More
TAKK Industries IncorporatedElectrostatic technology – specializing in the innovative development and manufacturing/distribution of Static Electricity Elimination Equipment.More
Talmolder Engineering PolyurethanesEngineers specialty foam products. If you need a solution for an application in the area of Construction, Store Fixtures, Advertising, Bedding and Seating, Medical, Acoustical or Sports.More
Tamarack Packaging Ltd.Tamarack Packaging, Ltd. was established in 1966.More
Techmer PMDesigner and producer of color and additive concentrates that modify and enhance end-use cost performance.More
Technick ProductsDevelops additives for the plastics and rubber industry.More
Teknor Apex CompanyVinyl, thermoplastic elastomer, chemicals, color, specialty compounding, rubber, lawn and garden, commercial products.More
Terinex International Ltd.Can be considered in the broadest sense, a raw material supplier; in some cases acting as a sales agent, in others as a distributor.More
The M.F. Cachat CompanyRegional technical sales organization focusing on the marketing and distribution of specialty chemical products.More
TP Composites Inc.Develops solutions to solve your problem drawing upon the full range of available polymers based on application requirements rather than force fitting particular resins. More
Trademark Plastics CorporationPolyethylene, Polystyrene, and Polypropylene resin and compounds. Prime, non-prime, and recycled polymers.More
Trico Mfg. Corp.Lubrication, fluid protection, central lubrication, metal cutting cooling products.More
United Mineral & Chemical Corp.Supplies a wide variety of effusion and dopant cells compatible with most major MBE systems.More
Upholstery SanitizingHygienitech practices a proven, mattress cleaning and sanitizing process that is non-invasive, child-safe but most importantly scientifically proven.More
Urethane Products CorporationProvides a wide range of urethanes and polyureas with an emphasis on marine industrial products.More
Viscolour Inc.Producer, distributor and exporter of color concentrates (Masterbatch), additives and pigments.More
Western Environmental Liner Co.Liner and linings for all type of applications including tank liner, pond liner, concrete Corr-Tite pipe lining, pits, agriculture covers, potable water tanks and cisterns, custom bladders, and others.More
Westlake Plastics CompanyManufacturer in extrusion and compression molding technologies of high performance thermoplastics.More
Willow Ridge Plastics, Inc.Offers a cost effective Masterbatch additive for making plastics disintegrate.More
Zerust Corrosion Management SolutionsZerust is global leader in corrosion management solutions. For more than 30 years we have provided cost-effective and non-toxic corrosion prevention technology. We manufacture VCI masterbatch and additives for combining with plastic for virtually any form. Transform plastic sheeting and bags into vapor corrosion inhibitors.More
Zip-Chem ProductsProvides production oriented custom formulation and environmental solutions with lubricants, cleaners and corrosion inhibitors.More
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