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Specialized Technology Resources, Inc. More
A. SchulmanProvides plastic resins, compounds, color concentrates and additives.More
Aaron Industries Corp.Supplies to plastic compounding industry.More
Accel ColorCreates and manufactures custom formulated coloring systems for plastics.More
Adams RenosolCustom designs and manufactures vinyl plastisol formulations and powdered PVC.More
AddMaster Ltd.AddMaster develops innovative masterbatches and technical compounds for the polymer industry.More
Adell Plastics Inc.Provides compounding services.More
Advanced Polymers AlloydAdvanced Polymer Alloys supplies Alcryn Melt-Processible Rubber (MPR) to customers in all major regions of the world.More
AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.Manufactures, markets, and sells high quality fluoroproducts including Fluon® fluoropolymer resins and compounds and Asahiklin fluorinated solvents.More
Albis PlasticsProvides its customers creative solutions through custom compounds, distribution and trading of thermoplastic resins.More
Alloy Polymers Inc.Automotive, Small Appliances, Medical Equipment, Packaging, Film, Electronics, Building and Construction, Leisure, Fibers, Wire and Cable.More
AlphaGary Corp.Wire and cable, regulated pacakaging, automotive, medical devices, consumer performance pruducts, footwear, color concentrates.More
Amco Plastic Materials Inc.Distribution, Compounding, Color, Additives and Expertise.More
American Commodities, Inc.Provides state-of-the-art recycle-oriented thermoplastic resins for injection mold and extrusion applications.More
American Wood FibersSupplier of wood flour and wood by-products.More
Ametek Westchester PlasticsMaterials compounder.More
Ampacet WorldwideSupplies color and additive masterbatches.More
Amspec ChemicalSpecialty chemicals solutions.More
Areton International Plastics LtdPlastics compounding technology, whether this is additive and flame retardant masterbatches, or technical compounds.More
Artemis Industries Inc.Plastic raw material provider.More
Asahi ThermofilPerformance plastics and compounds.More
Ashley Polymers Inc.Provides a full range of engineered resins, ranging from premium lines to economy materials.More
AT Plastics Inc.Sopplies specialty resins and compounds, in pellet form, which are used to manufacture a wide variety of plastics products, including packaging and laminating products, automotive parts, adhesives and medical products.More
B&M Plastics, Inc.Takes Engineered Resins in all sizes and shapes, grinds it if need be, and color matches it to the customers specific requirements.More
Bay PolymerSupplier of quality plastic resin.More
Bayshore Vinyl CompoundsPovides superior quality flexible compounds.More
Bulk Molding Compounds, Inc.Providing consistent product made with consistent raw materials, in a controlled process, delivered in timely manner at a price based on total value.More
C.H. Erbsloh KGSupplies the chemical industry with raw materials.More
CAPCO Polymer IndustriesSupplier of quality plastic resin. Sells Regrind, Reprocessed and Virgin resin and buys scrap and regrind plastic materials.More
Chem Polymer CorporationFormulates and manufactures high-quality engineering thermoplastic compounds.More
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LPProducer of olefins and polyolefins and a leading supplier of aromatics, alpha olefins, styrenics, specialty chemicals, piping, and proprietary plastics.More
Chroma CorporationOffers spans the spectrum of color for thermoplastics.More
Chrostiki S.A. More
Citicon GroupTrades chemical raw materials, and plastic raw materials.More
Color for Plastics Inc.Manufacturer of a full line of thermoplastic colorants.More
Colorco - ColorfloThe oldest independently owned coloring manufacturer in the country. 40 years experience in custom formulating dry color and color concentrate for all plastic resins, suitable for all molding techniques.More
Colortech Inc.Applies new polymer compounding technologies and materials advancements to the production of its polyolefin-based concentrate products.More
Composite Technologies Co., LLCCompression and long-glass-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (LFT or LFRT) molder based in Dayton, Ohio, USA.More
CRC Polymer Systems, Inc.Polymer Systems approach, evaluates application requirements to determine a complete Polymer System of Compounds, Resin and Color for specific applications.More
Crowley Chemical CompanySupplies customers with organic chemicals derived from both petroleum and coal tar.More
Denton PlasticsProcesses the entire spectrum of thermoplastics ranging from engineering grade resins, such as A.B.S., polycarbonate, nylon, commodity resins such as polyethylene, polypropylene, styrene, PVC.More
DeWolf ChemicalsPerformance chemical solutions.More
Domino Plastics Company, Inc.Buys thermoplastic raw material in all forms including: regrind, unground, film scrap, lumps and chunks, reprocessed and surplus virgin and off-grade pellets. Domino services plastic companies on a nationwide basis.More
DualloyPolymers trader and distributor.More
Durez CorporationProduces thermosetting phenolic resins and molding compounds which cover a wide range of applications.More
Ebbtide PolymersSolution-developing conduit between our Southeastern US based clients and our suppliers.More
ECM Plastics Inc.Plastics industry expert, providing custom color matching and specialty additive formulations.More
Empower Materials, Inc.Produces poly(alkylene carbonate) product family that incorporates the unique technology of carbon dioxide based copolymers which is in essence a plastic form of carbon dioxide.More
Emsar Polymers (UK) LtdSuppliers of speciality additive & colour masterbatches and compoundsMore
EPI GlobalManufactures proprietary plastic compounds, degradable and biodegradable plastics additives for agents, distributors, licensees and end-users, with primary focus on developing and marketing its range of TDPA environmentally-friendly products.More
Federal Plastics CorporationDistributor and Compounder of thermoplastic resins.More
Flex TechnologiesManufacturer of thermoplastic molded and extruded products and assemblies for the automotive industry.More
Formulated Polymers Ltd.Designs and manufactures comprehensive range of thermo plastic compounds and speciality niche compounds in engineering plastics.More
Foster CorporationLeading edge companies from medical to electronics are developing technologies that push the envelop of materials.More
Fresh-Pak Corporation (Dba) USA PolymerManufacturer and marketer of Polyethylene and Polypropylene extruded sheet products.More
GEHR Kunststoffwerk Vertriebsgesellschaft mbHOne of the worldwide leading manufacturers of high quality tubes, rods, profiles and sheets.More
Gel Concepts L.L.C.Technological Pioneer specializing in Ultra-Low (Shore A 000) and Low (Shore 00) Durometer Thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds, as well as its newest line of Hydrogel Polymers.More
General Industrial PolymersCompany manufactures film, custom compounds, and grinds thermoplastics rubber. More
Gitto / Global CorporationCustomer-driven manufacturer of specialty polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, and thermoplastic olefinic compounds.More
Glastic CorporationSupplier of engineered composite products.More
Global Polymers LLCMain warehouses are in Michigan and NJ, with over 2 MM lbs of engineering resins in stock.More
GLS Corp.Innovative thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) solutions.More
Grupo RepolConcentrated effort towards developing competitive engineering materials customized to cient needs, supported by processes and laboratory tests that fully comply with international quality, reproducibility and environmental standards.More
GRUPO TRIESAA company specialized in the manufacture of engineering technical plastic tailor-made, producing compounds of polyamide, acetal resin, PBT, polycarbonate and blends.More
Haysite Reinforced PlasticsFormulation and processing of thermoset composite materials.More
Hellyar PlasticsExceptional quality and individual solutions in plastics.More
Hitech PolymersManufactures specialty thermoplastic polymers and provides custom and toll compounding services.More
Honeywell Nylon Inc.Lightweight, resealable, smaller-size, plastic beverage bottles.More
Hughes Processing40 years experience in plastic raw material compounding and technology.More
Hydro S&S Industries Ltd.Manufacturing of a wide range of Engineering Thermoplastic Compounds.More
Independent Plastic, Inc.Provides high-quality prime, virgin or compounded product, at a competitive price.More
Industrial Dielectrics More
Ingenia PolymersProvides thermoplastic toll compounding and size reduction solutions for producers and processors, and a full array of proprietary products such as white, additive and commodity colour concentrates.More
Intercontinental Export Import, Inc.Provide Total Recycling Program to the Producers, Also Provide Valuue Added Services including extrsuion and compouunding. We have line of Engineering Plastics compounded products and also Post consumer based Green Compounds of Nylon, PP and PC.More
ITW TACCFoamseal urethane adhesive products are used to effectively and efficiently construct the ceilings, walls and floors of manufactured housing and recreational vehicles.More
JIC Enterprises, Inc.Plastics recycling.More
Jones Plastic and Engineering Company, LLCCustom injection molder.More
JV Plastics Inc.Specialty Compounding Working Globally To Provide Specialty Polymer Materials.More
K-Net Asia Ltd.Trading raw material and machinery.More
Kasha IndustriesCompounding, blending, coloring, shedding, drying, grinding, toll processing, warehousing.More
KM International CorporationMainly produces polypropylene pellets. Other prime, virgin, near-prime plastic resin available upon request.More
Kraiburg TPE CorporationDevelops the specific, the optimum, compound for each special requirement.More
Lancer Dispersion Inc.Provides custom color concentrates, precision precolor compounding services, specialty additive concentrates and proprietary compounds for thermoplastics, specializing in thermoplastic elastomers.More
Lanier Color CompanyCreate the custom color effects on surfaces.More
Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.a.Production and development of thermoplastics.More
Lavergne GroupDevelop, manufactures and offers a stable and continuous supply of quality plastic materials based on post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastics, as well as virgin plastics.More
Lyon Polymers Inc.Porvides color concentrates, polymer additives, flexible compounds, flexible PVC replacements.More
MBA Polymers, Inc.Recycling engineering plastics from durable goods and other complex waste streams such as electronics; computers and business equipment; as well as automobiles, appliances, and even sports equipment.More
McCann Plastics Inc.Provides clients engineered solutions by applying an in depth knowledge of thermoplastic compounding, materials, and end-use processing to best serve a clients specific and often unique requirements.More
Metaflake Ltd.UKs first masterbatch company to specialize in metallic and effect masterbatch production.More
Michael Day Enterprises, Inc.Offering a comprehensive range of engineering thermoplastic compounds with a unique balance of Quality, Value, and Service.More
Montsinger Technologies, IncProduces custom designed long fiber plastic compounds to meet your engineered finish part requirements. Continuous fibers are pultruded in a thermoplastic resin matrix producing pellets containing fiber length equivalent to the pellet length.More
MRC Polymers, Inc. More
Natron USA, Inc.Purging compounds.More
Next ResinsProvides total plastics solutions to the North American plastic manufacturers, including injection molders and extrusion houses.More
North Wood Plastics, Inc.Developing innovative compounded products that solve problems.More
NTM Inc.Industry leader for PET (polyethylene terephthalate) polymer processing and related services.More
Nylon Corporation of AmericaProduct range includes specialty Nylon 6 and Nylon 6/6 materials, copolymers, and copolymer alloys.More
Ohio Valley PlasticsMarkets, compounds, and recycles a wide variety of thermoplastics throughout North America, Mexico, Central America and Asia.More
OMNI Plastics, L.L.C.Offers two of the rarest ingredients found in thermoplastic compounds today: flexibility and reliability.More
Orange County Industrial PlasticsPlastic sheet distributor, POP displays & plastic display manufacturer. Custom fabrication, cnc machining, laser cutting & engraving.More
Oxford PolymersProvides value driven solutions for users of engineering thermoplastics.More
Pankaj Jha Deutsche BankPankaj Jha is one of the best finance expert in financial Sector. Some months ago Pankaj Jha worked in Deutsche Bank as a sales Executive. Now a days, He is working in private firm for his living and on the other hand devotes entire life for the betterment of Society. More
Plastamid (Pty) LimitedChemical Services is the largest speciality chemical operation in Southern Africa with more than 20 subsidiaries and joint ventures supplying to a broad spectrum of industry with a large variety of chemicals, raw materials and services.More
PlastiComp, Inc.Provides a full portfolio of thermoplastic composite technologies.More
Plastics Engineering CompanyManufactures a complete line of phenolic resins suitable for general and specialized industrial and consumer applications.More
PolyChem Alloy, Inc.Globally recognized developer and manufacturer of specialty compounds and concentrates for the plastics industry.More
Polyfil CorporationManufacturer focusing solely on the development and production of performance enhancing additive concentrates for polyolefins.More
Polylink PolymersManufactures polymeric compounds such as wire and cable compounds, engineering compounds, glass reinforced PP compounds, glass reinforced & fire retardant PBT compounds made to international standards.More
Polymer Compounders LimitedSince our creation in 1993 Polymer Compounders Limited has progressively increased the product range, it offers to now include ABS, Polycarbonate, PC/ABS alloys, ASA and other engineering thermoplastics. Our versatile manufacturing plant allows us to offer tailored materials, as demanded by your application. What really differentiates us is the service we offer to our customers; from rapid colour matching, outstanding technical support and first-class product quality through to flexibility on the quantity ordered and super-fast delivery from our production plant in Durham, UK. More
Polymer Exchange, Inc.Thermoplastic recycling solutions.More
Polymer Partners, LLCProduces a custom or commodity product to your specifications and requirements.More
Polymer Resources Ltd.Independent compounders of custom and proprietary engineering thermoplastic resins.More
Polymer Technology & Services, LLCSupplier of high quality name brand and generic engineering thermoplastics.More
Polymerland, Inc.Offers engineering resins, commodities, custom compounds and colorants from the industrys leading manufacturers through a network of distribution centers and supporting warehouses.More
Polyreps Inc.Certifiable custom pre-colored resins, custom color concentrates or even dry colors.More
Premix Thermoplastics, Inc.Premix Thermoplastics is a custom compounder specialized in conductive compounds. We develop, manufacture and market electrically conductive compounds, static dissipative compounds and EMI-shielding elastomers. More
Pro Pel Plastech Inc.Pelletizing of LDPE, HDPE, Surlyn, Poly Pro, and Urethanes, Compounding, Densifying of most any material, Reprocessing of urethanes, Grinding of parts, chunks, and film in LDPE, HDPE, & Urethanes, Custom slitting of film, Flat die extrusion.More
Quality Thermoplastic Resins Inc.Provides custom compounding solutions.More
Quantum CompositesHigh performance compression moldable structural thermoset materials.More
Radici PlasticsSupplier of polyamide and polyester engineering plastics.More
RBW Technologies, Inc.Recycled Plastic Resins & Compounds, Toll Size Reduction and Compounding, Certified Destruction.More
Recticel North America (RNA)Serves the automotive window encapsulation and interior trim markets.More
ReGen PolymersCompounding,Grinding,Shredding,Coloring of recycled plastic. Toll Services available. Recycled plastic supplier to manufacturing. Compounds PP, PE, HIPSMore
Resinoid Engineering CorporationManages the complex relationships from phenolic compound raw goods, compounding of phenolics, mold design and molding, post curing of the moldings, and final machining of the molded product.More
Rimtec Corp.Highest quality PVC compounds, superior technology, and superb customer service.More
RJM International, Inc.Specialized in trading, distributing, recycling and compounding of post-industrial and post-consumer plastic materials as well as distributing the prime plastic resins.More
Roscom Inc.Flexible and rigid PVC (Poly-Vinyl Chloride) manufacturing and distribution.More
Rostone Facility of ORC Plastics More
RTP CompanyCustom thermoplastic compounds.More
S&E Specialty PolymersS&E Specialty Polymers is a premier US plastic and polymer manufacturer, developing advanced polymers and custom plastics for a variety of industries. Our custom compounds and Concentrates are developed by professional R&D staff and are used in the Automotive, Wire & Cable, Battery, and Footwear Industries as well as in Consumer, Industrial, and General Purpose applications. In addition to S&E''s vast library of PVC, TPR, TPE, and TPO formulations, we specialize in flame retardant polyolefins, high flame retardant low smoke PVC Plenum, and zero halogen high flame retardant plastic compounds. S&E is also a leading producer of compounds that require exacting color match requirements. More
Shuman Plastics Inc.Committed to the recycling and resale of thermoplastic raw materials.More
Solvay Engineered Polymers, Inc.Designs and produces engineered polyolefin materials for demanding applications.More
Solvay S.ADevelops, produces and markets a family of thermoplastic products in the form of pellets or powders with a vinyl polymer base.More
Sylvin Technologies, Inc.Manufacturer of flexible to semi-rigid PVC and PVC alloy compounds.More
T. A. Davies Co.Specialized in the manufacture of casting urethanes.More
Tekni-PlexManufacturer of packaging, products, and materials for the healthcare, consumer, and food packaging industries.More
Teknor Apex CompanyVinyl, thermoplastic elastomer, chemicals, color, specialty compounding, rubber, lawn and garden, commercial products.More
The Plastics Group of AmericaManufactures, compounds, recycles, and distributes a complete line of thermoplastics to meet the needs of molding, extrusion and blow molding processors.More
The Polymer ShopSpecialized in surplus, aged, wide-spec, and scrap inventory items. Buys and sells ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PBT, SAN, and other engineering grade plastic resins in pellet, regrind, part, or purge form.More
THEMIX Plastics, Inc.Specialty compounder of thermoplastics utilizing virtually all of the commercially available thermoplastic resins. Polymer modifications inlcude mineral, glass and carbonf iber reinforcement, flame retardance, lubricated, high density, thermally conductive, static dissipative, electrically conductive and EMI shielding. This complete line of thermoplastic compounds offers a multitude of engineering design solutions.More
Thermoset Molding CompoundsManufacturer and processor of thermoset compounds.More
Ticona - Celanese AGGlobal company of material scientists, design engineers, technical support experts, account managers and customer service representatives dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in the use of engineering resins.More
Tooling Partners Europe LimitedOffers an extensive range of over 1200 high quality masterbatches and selected polymers engineered and manufactured exclusively by New Particle Chemical Colors Corporation of Taiwan.More
Trinity Specialty CompoundingCustomer-Driven Custom Compounder specializing in the compounding of specialty additive and flame-retardant compounds and concentrates to a focused customer base requiring value-added formulation and process control.More
Tyne Plastics LLCSupplier of enginnering plastics.More
Uniform Color CompanyProviding custom color and additive concentrates to all thermoplastic polymer markets since 1975. We have the expertise, experience, and desire to help you find the perfect match for appearance and/or performance in your application.More
Uniform Color CompanyProviding custom color and additive concentrates to all thermoplastic polymer markets since 1975. We have the expertise, experience, and desire to help you find the perfect match for appearance and/or performance in your application.More
Utah Foam ProductsCustom two component urethane systems include: flexible and rigid foams, cast elastomers for pour-in-place applications.More
Vi-Chem CorporationSupplier of plastic products.More
Vidal PlasticsVidal Plastics is a plastic compounder of Recycled PP Polyproplyene Unfilled Compounds and custom compounds.More
Washington Penn Plastic Co., Inc.Supplier of thermoplastic resins, compounds and custom formulations.More
Wiman Corporation Plastics DivisionDesigns and produces flexible plastics directly or indirectly for some of the nations leading companies, including, 3M, Johnson & Johnson, The Kendall Company, Tyco International, Stearns, Hewlett-Packard and Riddell.More
Windward Trading Company More
Yemm & Hart Ltd.Building materials with recycled content into the main stream.More
Zylog PlastalloysSpeciality plastics, providing you with a full range of advanced polyolefin compositions involving polypropylene plastics and polyolefinic elastomers.More
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