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3M Dyneon LLCDesigned for operating conditions and designs that require greater chemical, temperature and wear resistance than hydrocarbon based rubbers and plastics.More
Aggregates Equipment, Inc.Located in Lancaster Pennsylvania, AEI has been a leader in the design and manufacture of material processing equipment since 1950. We specialize in the most demanding screening applications. AEI''s Eco-Star is the best solution for screening products like plastics.More
American Polymers Inc.Produces and distributes a wide range of thermoplastic resins, color concentrates, and material handling equipment.More
American Wood FibersSupplier of wood flour and wood by-products.More
Applied Sciences, Inc.Nationally recognized fesearch and development company specializing in advanced materials and their applications.More
Artemis Industries Inc.Plastic raw material provider.More
Asahi ThemofilduplicateMore
Ashland Inc. Stocks virtually every grade of prime thermoplastic resins and specialties for plastics processors.More
Cad DimensionsSpecialized in creating 3D virtual prototypes, solid models and manufacturing details from 2D sketches and blueprints.More
Cad DimensionsSpecialized in creating 3D virtual prototypes, solid models and manufacturing details from 2D sketches and blueprints.More
Coastal Compounds Resins More
Composites OneDistributor of fiberglass and advanced composite materials.More
Composites SpecialistsDistributor of specialty fiber and fabric materials to the reinforced plastics industry.More
Conwed PlasticsSpecialized in total netting solutions, from concept to commercialization.More
Creative Pultrusions Inc.High Strength Pultruded Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites.More
Curbell PlasticsCurbell Plastics supplies hundreds of plastic products to serve key industries throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad. With multiple locations, Curbell has evolved into one of the nation''s largest suppliers of plastic sheet, rod, tube, films, adhesives, sealants, tapes, prototyping materials, and fabricated parts. Curbell serves customers by helping them choose from a wide selection of plastics including engineering, high performance, printable, graphic, display, and specialty materials. More
Deck Railing SystemHere at, we pride ourselves on offering high quality copper post caps, vinyl deck rails, deck screws, aluminum deck rails & decorators balusters. More
Dow Chemical Company More
DualloyPolymers trader and distributor.More
Durez CorporationProduces thermosetting phenolic resins and molding compounds which cover a wide range of applications.More
Ebbtide PolymersSolution-developing conduit between our Southeastern US based clients and our suppliers.More
Ecoplast Corp.Plastic compounder.More
Ferro Corp.Producer of technology-based performance materials for manufacturers.More
Fibertec Inc.Offers an extensive line of glass fiber, slag wool fiber, wollastonite, mica filler and reinforcements.More
Field Lining System, Inc.Installation or fabrication challenge in a wide variety of flexible synthetic membrane linings.More
Formulated Polymers Ltd.Designs and manufactures comprehensive range of thermo plastic compounds and speciality niche compounds in engineering plastics.More
GenCorp Inc.Works on three different businesses: Aerojet, Real Estate, and Aerojet Fine Chemicals.More
Harwick Standard Distribution Corp.manufacturing processes, supply availability and current market trends knowledge.More
Harwick Standard Distribution CorporationKnowledge of manufacturing processes, supply availability and current market trends to help our valued customers maximize market opportunities.More
Hexcel CompositesLeader in high performance composite materials.More
HyComp Inc.Fully integrated manufacturing company located in Cleveland, Ohio.More
Hydro-ComponentsResins engineering components.More
Ian Flockton Developments Ltd.Supplies and uses of Thermoplastic materials.More
Industrial Dielectrics More
Intercontinental Export Import, Inc.Provide Total Recycling Program to the Producers, Also Provide Valuue Added Services including extrsuion and compouunding. We have line of Engineering Plastics compounded products and also Post consumer based Green Compounds of Nylon, PP and PC.More
Jiangyin JiHua New Material Co., Ltd.Specially engaged in the processing, modified, formulating of recipes etc of various engineering plastics.More
JIC Enterprises, Inc.Plastics recycling.More
K-Net Asia Ltd.Trading raw material and machinery.More
Kasha IndustriesCompounding, blending, coloring, shedding, drying, grinding, toll processing, warehousing.More
Kingfa Technology Inc.duplicateMore
LTL Color Compounders, Inc.Color and additive compounding company in North America.More
Machine ToolsMachine and used machinery for many industries including the plastics industry.More
Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc.Produces Chemicals & Intermediates, Chemical Solvents, Specialty Polymers and Engineering Plastics, Functional Materials, Electronic Materials and Adhesive Resins.More
Northern Fiber Glass Sales, Inc.Manufacturers Representative and Distributor of premium quality Process and Structural Materials to the Composites, Metal Bonding, and Tooling Industries.More
Owens CorningThe company that invented glass fiber, boasts a fascinating history of innovation and entrepreneurship.More
Piper WindowsBuilding On Quality in Commercial, Trade and Retail Sectors.More
PlastiComp, Inc.Provides a full portfolio of thermoplastic composite technologies.More
Plastics Engineering CompanyManufactures a complete line of phenolic resins suitable for general and specialized industrial and consumer applications.More
Polymer DynamixCreates custom formulated additive concentrates and materials for the thermoplastics market.More
Polymer Plastic CorporationExtensive warehouse, value added services, and exceptional sales professionals will help you specify and procure plastic sheet, rod, tubing, and film.More
Polymer Resources Ltd.Independent compounders of custom and proprietary engineering thermoplastic resins.More
PolyOne Corp.Sources plastic compounds, colorants, thermoplastic elastomers, specialty vinyl resins, polyurethanes and engineered films, plus an array of specialty additives.More
Polyply CompositesService oriented compression molder of SMC and BMC polyester fiberglass systems.More
R.J. Marshall CompanySupplier of particulate raw materials.More
Reaction Polymers, Inc.Distribution of virgin, wide spec, reprocessed and regrind thermoplastic resins.More
Realistix SolutionsRealistix Solutions creates a clearly defined, well structured travel booking tool in the form of a free, online subscription service. Please visit . More
Realistix SolutionsRealistix Solutions creates a clearly defined, well structured travel booking tool in the form of a free, online subscription service. Please visit . More
Reiss Manufacturing, Inc.Silicone rubber & engineered plastics manufacturer.More
Saint-Gobain VetrotexSupplies products for the reinforcement of high performance composites.More
Seagull of Volusia County, Inc.Composites, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP), and Thermoforming industries.More
SHANGHAI TRICO BARIUM SALT MFG. DEPT.Supplier of Barium Sulphate, Barium Carbonate, Barium Chloride Dihydrate, Barium Nitrate, Barium Hydroxide, Barium Metaborate(Beta barium borate), barium titanate, barium oxide, Thiourea, Strontium Salt, strontium oxide, metal barium, strontium, ultra-high purity inorganic chemicals of Barium Salts, Industrial raw stuffing Materials, electrochemical,Chemical Supplier of Inorganic Salt, specialty chemical, Custom Chemically Preparations, INSTANT MESSAGE ID: sinochemical@msn.comMore
SunrezKnowledge and understanding for the uses and applications of light curing composites and resins than any other company in the world.More
Terinex International Ltd.Can be considered in the broadest sense, a raw material supplier; in some cases acting as a sales agent, in others as a distributor.More
Ticona - Celanese AGGlobal company of material scientists, design engineers, technical support experts, account managers and customer service representatives dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in the use of engineering resins.More
Tristar Plastics Corp.Engineering processes, from material selection, component design, prototypes and on to production.More
Urethane Products CorporationProvides a wide range of urethanes and polyureas with an emphasis on marine industrial products.More
Washington Penn Plastic Co., Inc.Supplier of thermoplastic resins, compounds and custom formulations.More
Windward Trading Company More
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