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Brüggemann ChemicalProvides raw materials for reactive processing of three distinct families of materials based on Nylon 6 (polyamide 6). The materials are used in a wide range of applications.More
Advanced Polymers AlloydAdvanced Polymer Alloys supplies Alcryn Melt-Processible Rubber (MPR) to customers in all major regions of the world.More
AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.Manufactures, markets, and sells high quality fluoroproducts including Fluon® fluoropolymer resins and compounds and Asahiklin fluorinated solvents.More
Aicar S.A.Produces thermosetting moulding compounds.More
AICAR S.A.Produces thermosetting moulding compounds since 1945.More
Allen Extruders, Inc. More
Alliance Polymers, Inc.Alliance Polymers – Engineering and Commodity Plastic Resins Supplier. We buy and sell PPC, PPH, HDPE, LDPE and PS commodity polymer resins. Engineering plastic resins include ABS, PC, PC/ABS, Nylon, PPO and PBT. We also have plastic grinding and compounding capabilities. Our recycling technology offers better uses of recycled post-consumer plastic waste. More
American Polymers Inc.Produces and distributes a wide range of thermoplastic resins, color concentrates, and material handling equipment.More
Ashley Polymers Inc.Provides a full range of engineered resins, ranging from premium lines to economy materials.More
AT Plastics Inc.Develops and supplies of specialty resins and compounds, in pellet form, which are used to manufacture a wide variety of plastics products, including packaging and laminating products, automotive parts, adhesives and medical products.More
Bacon Industries, Inc.Specializes in the field of adhesives, bonding, potting, impregnating and special dielectric systems.More
Bangkok Polyethylene Public Company LimitedProduces the high-density polyethylene pellet, HDPE.More
Bayer MaterialScienceOne of the largest producers of polymers and high-performance plastics in the world.More
Beijing Evergrow Resources Co. Ltd.Leading engineering materials company in China.More
Biomer ThermoplastsThe products are waterproof, heat resistant, have appealing surfaces, and are fully biodegradable.More
BLISS GroupProduces Jumbo Bags (also known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) in various categories.More
Chevron PhillipsProducers of olefins and polyolefins and a leading supplier of aromatics, alpha olefins, styrenics, specialty chemicals, piping, and proprietary plastics.More
Coastal Compounds Resins More
Cyro IndustriesSupplier of specialty acrylic solutions.More
Degussa AGMultinational corporation consistently aligned to high-yield specialty chemistry.More
Denver Plastic Co.Solutions for your injection molding needs.More
DSM Engineering PlasticsSupplier of quality engineering plastics, backed by extensive materials and applications knowledge, DSM is your perfect partner to unlock hidden value in your products and designs.More
Durez CorporationProduces thermosetting phenolic resins and molding compounds which cover a wide range of applications.More
EatsmanProducer of polyester plastics for packaging and is a leading supplier of raw materials for paints and coatings, inks, and graphic arts, adhesives, textile sizes and other formulated products, and of cellulose acetate fibers.More
Ebbtide PolymersSolution-developing conduit between our Southeastern US based clients and our suppliers.More
Empower Materials, Inc.Produces poly(alkylene carbonate) product family that incorporates the unique technology of carbon dioxide based copolymers which is in essence a plastic form of carbon dioxide.More
EVAL Company of AmericaManufactures and markets ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer resins.More
F&D Plastics Inc.Produces PE, PP, PS, ABS, SAN, PVC, Nylon, PC, PET, PETE, Acetal, Acrylics, EVA, TPE, TPO, glass reinforced thermo plastics, among others.More
Firestone TextilesSupplies Nylon 6 yarns, Nylon 6 resins and various tire cord and industrial fabrics that meet our customers quality requirements.More
Formosa Plastics Corporation USAManufacturer of plastic resins and petrochemicals.More
Freeman Mfg. & Supply Co.Selection of materials for prototyping, mold-making, modeling, toolmaking, and foundries.More
GenCorp Inc.Works on three different businesses: Aerojet, Real Estate, and Aerojet Fine Chemicals.More
Georgia Gulf CorporationGeorgia Gulf is a major manufacturer and marketer of two integrated product lines, which include chlorovinyl and aromatic products.More
Green Leaf, Inc.Scope of designing and manufacturing injection molded products.More
Huntsman More
HyComp Inc.Fully integrated manufacturing company located in Cleveland, Ohio.More
Hydro-ComponentsResins engineering components.More
InvistaTechnically advanced polyester resin, fiber and polymer products are the building blocks for many products.More
Ipiranga Petroquimica S/AProduces four thermoplastic resins present in several day-by-day products.More
ITW TACCFoamseal urethane adhesive products are used to effectively and efficiently construct the ceilings, walls and floors of manufactured housing and recreational vehicles.More
JIC Enterprises, Inc.Plastics recycling.More
JV Plastics Inc.Specialty Compounding Working Globally To Provide Specialty Polymer Materials.More
K. Sakai & Co., Ltd.Supplier of purging compound.More
KauCuk, a.s.Chemical enterprise.More
KibbeChem, Inc.Supplies blowing agents and colorants.More
Kingfa Technology Inc.duplicateMore
Kraton PolymersDeveloper of styrenic block copolymer chemistry.More
LORD CorporationProduced inventions, led to chemical formulations, bonding processes, elastomers, adhesives, coatings, bonded elastomer assemblies and more.More
LTL Color Compounders, Inc.Color and additive compounding company in North America.More
Maxdem, Inc.Technology company with core competencies in the chemical sciences.More
MEP America, Inc.Subsidiary of Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corp.More
Metton America, Inc.Tough and durable engineering plastic material used to produce large or thick molded parts for many diversified applications.More
Mississippi Polymer Technologies, Inc.High performance polymer manufacturer located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.More
Nova ChemicalsChemical and energy products.More
Noveon, Inc.Portfolio of thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) includes elastomeric materials that bridge the gap between flexible rubber and rigid plastics.More
NTM Inc.Industry leader for PET (polyethylene terephthalate) polymer processing and related services.More
Nylon Corporation of AmericaProduct range includes specialty Nylon 6 and Nylon 6/6 materials, copolymers, and copolymer alloys.More
Park View LegalPark View Legal is a San Diego, California based firm which offers you credit consultation and credit repair services. More
Petco - Petroquimica Colombiana S/AVinyl producer.More
Pinnacle PolymersPinnacle Polymers is not just another polypropylene producer. For companies like yours, Pinnacle is a key part of the production process, working with you to engineer the optimum polymer for your process needs. Our focus on complete customer satisfaction has not changed since our start up. We are people who can respond to your changing business, fast. We will make things happen. More
Plaskolite, Inc.Manufacturer of continuously processed acrylic sheet.More
Plastic Selection GroupPlastic material development and selection.More
Plastics Engineering CompanyManufactures a complete line of phenolic resins suitable for general and specialized industrial and consumer applications.More
Polymer Technology & Services, LLCSupplier of high quality name brand and generic engineering thermoplastics.More
Polysource Inc.Manufactures color EPS (expandable polystyrene) resin and specialty EPS co-polymers.More
RAYWELL PASTE RESIN CO LTDSupplier and exporter for PVC Paste ResinMore
Recticel North America (RNA)Serves the automotive window encapsulation and interior trim markets.More
RenShape SolutionsTooling strategic business unit of Huntsman Advanced Materials.More
SantopreneInnovations in thermoplastic elastomers from Advanced Elastomer Systems (AES).More
Santoprene Advanced Elastomer Systems, LPThe latest innovations in thermoplastic elastomers from Advanced Elastomer Systems (AES).More
Sartomer CompanySupplier of acrylate/methacrylate monomers, oligomers, photoinitiators, hydrocarbon resins, hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene resins (HTPB), functionalized polybutadiene resins, styrene maleic anhydride resins.More
Shakespeare MonofilamentsTechnologically advanced engineering, materials selection, and precision manufacturing produces specific and often unique monofilaments and polymers for industries and applications of all kinds.More
SK NetworlsProviding PET Resin for customers worldwide.More
Solplast Inc.Manufacturer of recycled resin repro offering Pipe Grade HDPE, Injection Grade HDPE, Film Grade LDPE, Injection Grade LDPE and PP. Available in Gaylods Boxes, Super Sacs or Tankers. More
Solutia Inc.Former applied chemistry division of Monsanto Company and have a long history of making innovative products for our customers.More
Solvay S.AReduces weight or lower cost, improve durability or consolidate parts.More
StyroChem Int.Blowmolding, shape molding, cup grade eps, lost foam casting.More
Sunoco ChemicalsProduct line includes phenol, cumene, propylene, acetone, ethylene, ethylene oxide, nonene, tetramer, alpha-methylstyrene, toluene, xylene, benzene, cyclohexane, bisphenol-A, and polypropylene.More
T. A. Davies Co.Specialized in the manufacture of casting urethanes.More
Teijin Kasei America, Inc.North American operations of Teijin Chemicals, Ltd., one of the largest manufacturers of PC in the world and the global leader in optical grade PC for the CD/DVD market.More
Tekni-PlexManufacturer of packaging, products, and materials for the healthcare, consumer, and food packaging industries.More
The Polymer Technology GroupAnalytical Laboratory: Characterization for QC and R&D support.More
The Watch StudioThe Watch Studio Offers many types of branded watches like Emporio Armani watches, Dolce and Gabbana watches, Marc Jacobs Watches, etc. for more details visit. More
Ticona - Celanese AGGlobal company of material scientists, design engineers, technical support experts, account managers and customer service representatives dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in the use of engineering resins.More
TP Composites Inc.Develops solutions to solve your problem drawing upon the full range of available polymers based on application requirements rather than force fitting particular resins. More
Urethane Products CorporationProvides a wide range of urethanes and polyureas with an emphasis on marine industrial products.More
VictrexManufacturer of PEEK polymer, an ultra high performance thermoplastic resin.More
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WinCupProducts are sanitary, insulated, disposable, and, they are lightweight and easy to handle.More
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