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A.I.M. International, Inc.Providing solutions to the plastic pipe and profile industry since 1985.More
Advanced Polymers, Inc.Develops innovative polymer products and technologies to improve peoples lives.More
AL Hyde CompanyExtruders of thermoplastics in rods, sheets, tubes and custom profiles, Acetals, Nylons, Cast Nylons, Polycarbonate, and High Performance Materials.More
Allied PlasticsHas been involved with the flexible packaging industry in India since the past 25 years.More
Allstate PlasticsSupplies stardard and custom parts fabricated from PTFE.More
Alpha Plastics, Inc.Custom profile extrusion manufacturer, specializing in complex shapes and designs.More
American Extruder Plastics, Inc.Tubing, Small diameter rod, Hollow shapes, Complex profiles, Co - extrusion, similar materials, Co - extrusion, non-compatible, Aluminum-to-plastic conversions, In-house tool construction, Part design assistance.More
Amerimax Home Products, Inc.Manufacturer of metal rain-carrying systems in the United States.More
Ampac Packaging, LLCPrivately owned, paper and plastic packaging company serving the retail, consumer and security industries.More
Anaheim Custom Extruders, Inc.Manufactures custom thermoplastic tubes, rods and profiles from over twenty engineering and commodity resins.More
Applied Plastics Inc.Privately held custom thermoplastics extrusion business.More
AquArt AquariumsManufacturer of custom aquarium systems for the past 15 years.More
Argos CorporationPrivately owned and operated Custom Extrusion Facility.More
Arrow Hose & Tubing, Inc.Innovative manufacturer of thermoplastic Hose & Tubing, located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. and Fort Worth, Texas, USA.More
AT Plastics Inc.Develops and supplies of specialty resins and compounds, in pellet form, which are used to manufacture a wide variety of plastics products, including packaging and laminating products, automotive parts, adhesives and medical products.More
Barbour CorporationManufacturer of welting for high-end footwear.More
Bardini Plastics, Inc.Extruders of flexible and rigid PVC profiles and tubes.More
Bunzl Extrusion Chicago, Inc.Custom extruder of a wide range of profiles in a large variety of thermoplastic materials.More
C & B International Trading Group, Inc.Has been dedicated to the import and distribution of fine foods, beer, sangria and wines from Spain as well as some of the most renowned food items from South America.More
C. E. Shepherd CompanyManufacturer of stainless steel or galvanized welded wire mesh, PVC coated welded and twisted wire mesh, injection molded plastic parts, extruded plastic parts, thermoformed plastic parts and embossed plastic films and mold release films.More
Certified Thermoplastics Co., Inc.Extruded Plastics are a cost effective, smart solution for many applications that cannot be molded or extruded in metal.More
China NINGBO HAITIAN ENTERPRISEWe are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of pen, ball pen, light pen, gel ink pen, metal pen, plastic pen, radio pen, stick pen manufacturer and supplier--China NINGBO HAITIAN ENTERPRISE.More
China NINGBO HAITIAN ENTERPRISE.We are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of pen, ball pen, light pen, gel ink pen, metal pen, plastic pen, radio pen, stick pen manufacturer and supplier--China NINGBO HAITIAN ENTERPRISE.More
Cleveland Tubing, Inc.From 3D straws, flavor straws, to a whole line of industrial products, we constantly strive to make our products the very best.More
Command Medical Products, Inc.Has been a preferred choice for custom manufacturing, assembly and packaging of disposable medical devices.More
Crafted Plastics Inc.Producing Quality Plastic Extrusion Products Since 1982.More
Crumpler Plastic Pipe, Inc.Serving the Storm, Industrial and Waste-Water markets with a variety of HDPE corrugated plastic drainage pipes, traffic load bearing culverts, catch-basins, manholes and fittings.More
Custom Plastic ExtrusionsCustom manufacturer of thermoplastic profile extrusions.More
Custom Profiles, Inc.Produces custom plastic extrusions.More
Davidson PlasticsCustom extrusion operation in the Pacific Northwest.More
DaxwellThousands of great Plastic recycled products available for manufacture based plastic recycling user.More
DrossbachEarly pioneers of corrugated tubing and today are one of the worlds largest manufactures of corrugated tubing.More
Earam Plastic Ltd.It is a free B2B polymers trading zone for all polymers such as PP, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PVC, PS, PA(Nylon), ABS in forms of prime/ recycle/ regrind/ reprocessed/ scrap.More
Earth-Core Pipe SystemsProduces polyethylene pipe in sizes ½ to 18 inches diameter.More
Endot Industries, Inc.Producer of water pipe and fiber optic duct and innerduct.More
Enflo Corp.Manufacturer of Quality PTFE Products.More
Environ Products, Inc.Manufacturers service station equipment which includes GeoFlex piping, tank sumps, dispenser sumps & pans, flexible entry boots, leak detection, safety valves and various fitting systems.More
Excalibur ExtrusionsSince 1970, Excalibur has manufactured plastic pipe and “machined” nipples for irrigation, vacuum tubing for central vacuum systems and plastic cores used in various medical applications or in products such as brushes and film. Proudly based in the USA, we strive for higher standards of quality control and customer care by continually re-evaluating and improving all of our processes. And to fill your order fast and efficiently, Excalibur maintains a basic inventory. We know that just-in-time delivery is critical to the success of our customers, no matter what the industry.More
Fabricated Extrusion Company, Inc.Custom designed and produced plastic components.More
Federal Hose Manufacturing, Inc.Recognized leader in the manufacture of flexible interlocking metal hose and the distribution of silicone hose.More
Flex PVC PipeFlexible PVC is an online store with many PVC accessories, including pipe, tubing, fittings and much more for high quality at a very affordable price. More
Flex TechnologiesManufacturer of thermoplastic molded and extruded products and assemblies for the automotive industry.More
FlexwrapPlastic film extruder.More
Fowler Products, Inc.Provides full capabilities and a single vendor service for all of your extrusion requirements, from start to finish.More
Fram Trak Industries, Inc.Plastic processing company, which has been manufacturing custom and proprietary products since 1978.More
Freelin-Wade CompanyWorry about something other than your plastic tubing. Ordering from Freelin-Wade is easy. Our tubing is an exact fit and with a 98% on-time delivery rate, you know precisely when your order will arrive. We stock more than 3,000 sizes, colors and configurations and are happy to make any variations you might dream up. With no minimum order quantity it''s easy to have us build a coil, private label, create multi-tube bundles or whatever it is that you can imagine. Call us today: 888-373-9233More
fund flip playFund Plan, a $600 million hedge fund in Au, Conn., flipped holdings between its corporate books and the personal accounts of its chief, a controversial move that could put the firm under the microscope of market regulators. At leaset once, Fund Plan’s general partner, Rocky, asked that securities be transferred from two accounts controlled by his fund into his personal account, according to documents obtained by The Post. There was no indication in the documents obtained by The Post that Fund Plan had received any compensation for the shares shifted to Rocky’s accounts. More
Fusibond Piping Systems, Inc.Plastic lined pipe and plastic lined pipe fittings.More
GaMra Composites, Inc.Custom plastics extrusion company specializing in Advanced Extrusion Process Development, Design Consulting and Specialized OEM Extrusions.More
GT Plastics, Inc.Specializing in vinyl extrusion and assemblies there-of. More
H-P MetFloCompression couplings supplier.More
Haemonetics Corp.Provides innovative medical devices to advance the safety, quality, and availability of transfusion products for patients worldwide.More
HancorDrainage pipe, storm water management, water drainage etc.More
Harvel Plastics, Inc.Outstanding PVC and CPVC pipe extrusions.More
HI-TEC Plastics, Inc.Extrusion plastics manufacturer.More
Honeycrown LimitedRubber washers, gaskets, seals, rings, moldings and tubing manufacturers.More
Hudson Extrusions Inc.Most extensive product inventories of any extrusion company.More
Inplex LLCSpecializes in small to large volume extrusion of flexible plastic tubing and rigid plastic tubing.More
IPC Midwest PlasticsSheet extrusion, profile extrusion, vacuum forming, injection molding.More
Ipex, Inc.Designs and manufactures one of the worlds largest and most diverse lines of integrated thermoplastic piping systems—pipe, valves, fittings, auxiliary components and tools.More
ISO-Trude, Inc.OEM manufacturer of custom extruded plastic profile components for a wide variety of industries.More
Jabat, Inc.Designs and builds tooling for profiles and tubes to rigid customer specifications.More
Josh Yudell Oxford Capital FundJosh Yudell is a Wall Street veteran, having spent his entire career in the fields of investor relations and investment banking. More
kateryna bilonogKateryna Bilonog is a social worker, Volunteer, entrepreneur, etc More
Kentak Products CompanySpecializes in the extrusion of plastic products.More
Kurz-KaschManufacturer of Conventional and Encapsulated Coils and Stators, Engineered Composite Components and Subassemblies, Magnetic/Electrical/Electronic Sensing Devices, and High Performance Solenoids.More
Lamson & SessionsCarlon Expansion Fittings are now available in two styles – 1) Expansion Fitting w/ Coupling End and 2) EXCLUSIVE Expansion Fitting w/ Male Terminal Adapter End. More
Las Vegas printing companyRapid Color is Las Vegas Printing Company offers you to use our Printing Services at affordable prices. More
Luis NavasLuis Navas is a hard working man who always tries to do something innovative. To know more about him, just visit here. More
Luis NavasLuis Navas is a hard working man who always tries to do something innovative. To know more about him, just visit here. More
Luxury Homes Sunshine CoastBuderim offers quality educational institutions for primary, secondary and tertiary students. State and private schools are just a bus ride away. The Buderim Private Hospital is close by as are other medical and dental specialists. More
M&Q Plastic ProductsActs on the plastics manufacturing market.More
Medical Extrusion Technologies, Inc.Custom tubing extrusions.More
Mid South Extrusion Inc.Quality Polyethylene Films.More
Miniature Precision Components, Inc.Has engineering and application expertise that ensures the development of performance-based manufacturing designs.More
Mocap, Inc.Many styles of dip molded vinyl plastic products and rubber injection molded products to choose from, our products will fit most every need. More
NDH Medical, Inc.Manufacturer specializing in custom extrusion of single-lumen, paratubing, multi-lumen, and co-extruded tubing.More
NETCO Extruded PlasticsSpecializes in developing solutions that meet our customers requirements for the simplest shape to the most complex profile that Quality requires post extrusion enhancements.More
OD GrindersTubing extruders and OD grindersMore
OID&S, Inc.Specializes in custom molded and extruded plastic and extruded rubber products for a wide array of global industries.More
Omega Plastics Corp.Custom engineered thermoplastic extrusions.More
Paragon Plastics, Inc.Industry leader in the manufacture of injection molded and extruded carriers and containers.More
Park View LegalPark View Legal is a San Diego, California based firm which offers you credit consultation and credit repair services. More
Park View LegalPark View Legal is a San Diego, California based firm which offers you credit consultation and credit repair services. More
Park View LegalPark View Legal is a San Diego, California based firm which offers you credit consultation and credit repair services. More
Pawling CorporationWhile rubber is still the primary material, many products are made from silicone or thermoplastics, often in combination with reinforcing fabrics and metal accessories or companion parts.More
PBS Plastics, Inc.30 years of specialized experience in precision custom plastic extrusions.More
Pepco CompanyProvides custom extruded plastic components to diversified industries with demanding requirements.More
Petro Packaging Company, Inc.Specializes in plastic tubing, thermoplastic extrusions and flexible extruded packaging vials.More
PetroFlex North America, Ltd.High Density Polyethylene Duct.More
PGS, LLCCustom profile plastic extrusion plant located sixty-five miles south of St. Louis, MO.More
Plastic EXtruded Parts, Inc.Wire harness components.More
Plastic Processors, Inc.Has been dedicated to excellence in meeting customer demands in an ever changing business and technological environment.More
Plastics Resources, Inc.Market-driven company focused on providing anti-static packaging solutions to the electronic industry customers located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.More
Plastifab IndustriesProduces a wide variety of extruded shapes in both engineering and utility thermoplastics.More
Poly Hi SolidurEngineering polymers solutions.More
Poly Vinyl Co.Extrusion manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of custom extruded plastic shapes.More
Polyflon TecnologyFluoroplastic tubing, PVDF and PFA fitting, machined parts, PTFE bearings, PTFE, rods and sheets, films, tapes and gasket tape.More
Polyplus Packaging Ltd.Extruders, printers and converters of a wide range of polythene packaging and specialise in a number of industry sectors.More
Polythene IndustriesManufacturers/Exporters of Plastic Bags, Polybags, Carry Bags from India.More
Portective Lining Corp.Manufacturers of polyethylene film and related products, including plastic bags, plastic liners, bin liners, pallet covers, industrial bags, carton liners, drum liners, drum covers, tubing, sheeting.More
Preferred Plastics, Inc.Custom extruder of thermoplastic resins, specializing in rigid, flexible, and co-extruded products for a wide range of markets throughout the world.More
Quadel IndustriesSpecializes in custom plastic fabrication, including but not limited to rotational, extruded, or vacuum molding of virtually any plastic including vinyl, PVC, ABS, polystyrene, poly carbonate or polyethelene.More
Quaker Plastic CorporationProduces stocks and stair.sMore
Quality PlasticsHas been serving a broad sector of industries as a custom injection molder and extruder.More
Quality Profile Services, Inc.Custom profile extruder of thermal and engineering grade plastic extrusions.More
Rainbow Rubber Extrusions Inc.Specializes in the custom extrusion of Viton Fluoroelastomer.More
Reed Rubber & Foam ProductsSpecialists in the converting of foam rubber.More
Regency Plastics Company LtdManufacturer of industrial polyethylene packaging.More
REHAU North America, Inc.Creative, Customized Solutions for Superior Performance.More
Reiss Manufacturing, Inc.Silicone rubber & engineered plastics manufacturer.More
RJF International CorporationCustomer-oriented manufacturer of engineered polymer products for select specialty markets.More
Rutan Poly Industries, Inc.Manufactures thousands of different size poly bags and poly film covering a wide range of applications.More
S&L Plastics, Inc.Custom injection molding, custom profile extrusion, custom sheetm extrusion.More
Scandia Plastics, Inc.Designs and manufactures custom plastic tubing.More
Seiler PlasticsPlastic Extrusions and Plastic Sheet Products.More
Shares Old Hill Partners, a $600 million hedge fund in posh Darien, Conn., flipped holdings between its corporate books and the personal accounts of its chief, a controversial move that could put the firm under the microscope of market regulators. At leaset once, Old Hill’s general partner, John Howe, asked that securities be transferred from two accounts controlled by his fund into his personal account, according to documents obtained by The Post. There was no indication in the documents obtained by The Post that Old Hill had received any compensation for the shares shifted to Howe’s accounts. A spokesman for Old Hill would not comment on the matter. The 268,390 shares of a collateralized loan obligation – essentially a bond made up of a basket of loans to corporations – later skyrocketed in value. By March 2005, the shares had climbed to about $55 each from the fund’s initial price of $34 in the previous November, traders said.More
Stevens UrethaneOffers a full range of thermoplastic polyurethane film, sheet and tubing.More
Summa IndustriesProprietary plastic components and smart thinking.More
Teel PlasticsSpecializes in the custom manufacture of close tolerance plastic tubing products.More
Tekni-PlexManufacturer of packaging, products, and materials for the healthcare, consumer, and food packaging industries.More
TexLoc Ltd.Design & Manufacture, Fluoroplastic Tubing and Heat Shrink.More
The New Bag CompanyManufacturers of Quality LDPE reclosable bags. Large stock in Reclosable bags with white block, hang hole, plain oxo-biodegradeable, antistatic, anti-tarnish, and also zip bags for the medical and optical industries. Ask about our custom capabilities!More
The Spiratex CompanyThermoplastics supplier.More
Thermoplastic ProcessesHas been an innovative developer and manufacturer of many well-known quality products.More
Tufpak, Inc.Using the extraordinary strength and paper-like crispness of newly developed high-density polyethylene.More
Tulox Plastics Corp.Leader in clear plastic packaging since 1940.More
Twin Screw ExtrusionThe processing unit of our Twin Screw Extruders is a clamshell barrel with interchangeable segmented screws that can be reconfigured to a specific application by selecting various kneading, mixing, and shear screw elements.More
Vanguard Piping Systems, Inc.Improves existing products, develops new products and accessory items to meet new needs, evaluates materials, develops exacting product specifications and helps select compatible vendors.More
Vidon Plastics, Inc.Manufacturer of Custom Extruded Plastics.More
Vinylex Corp.Has over fifty years experience on the cutting edge of extrusion technology.More
VIP Rubber and Plastic ProductsRubber and Plastic Products.More
VisiPak Plastic PackagingManufactures a complete line of packaging tubes, storage containers, plastic mailing tubes and shipping tubes, transparent boxes, and clear tubing for consumer and industrial applications.More
VPI, LLCFloor products supplier.More
Westlake Plastics CompanyManufacturer in extrusion and compression molding technologies of high performance thermoplastics.More
World PlasticCustom profile extrusions.More
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