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Hurricane Delta begins to thrash parts of TX & LA
October 09, 2020

Hurricane Delta has re-strengthened into a Category 3 and the outer bands began hitting parts of Louisiana and Texas Friday morning. The coast is expected to experience tropical-storm-force winds for the next few hours and Delta is forecast to make landfall in Louisiana Friday afternoon, seemingly right along the same path in the southwestern part of the state that Hurricane Laura impacted just six weeks ago. Delta is expected to bring a life-threatening storm surge, which could be as high as 11 feet in some areas.

Ahead of the storm some 80% of the Gulfs oil platforms and about 65% of the areas Natural Gas production has been shut in. Several resin producing plants have been idled both as a precaution and due to mandatory evacuations, which will also delay recovery from the last storm.

The situation continues to develop and our team here at The Plastics Exchange expresses our best wishes to those in the harms way and all indirectly affected.

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