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Resin Markets Keep Watch on Hurricane Grace in Mexico
August 19, 2021

The Resin market is closely watching Hurricane Grace in Mexico this week, which hit the Yucatan Peninsula Thursday morning. The Category 1 hurricane hit the Yucatan near Tulum, south of Cancun.

The National Hurricane Center said central and northern portions of the Yucatan Peninsula may get 4 to 12 inches of rain, which could lead to flash and urban flooding.

Grace's projected path is expected to continue west into The Bay of Campeche and make landfall between Tampico and Veracruz, a key logistics area where a number of petrochemical and polymer producers are located.

No suppliers have reported any production shutdowns or slowdowns due to the hurricane. Mexico's Pemex has already activated its emergency response plan for facilities in the state of Tamaulipas.

Polymer production along the coast includes the following:

Braskem Idesa's Ethylene XXI Polyethylene (PE) complex in Coatzacoalcos, which produces Ethylene, HDPE, and LDPE.

Pemex's complex in Coatzacoalcos which produces PE

Indelpro's complex in Altamira, which produces PP.

By Brian Balboa for The Plastics Exchange.

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