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The Polyethylene market saw heightened activity as June ushered in, spot demand remained strong and numerous deals were completed across all commodity grade resins. We saw a flurry of orders from processors seeking to cover their short to mid-term needs early in the month and there was also notable buying from resellers requiring truckloads to fill in for late railcars. The major movers were almost evenly split between LLDPE for film & injection and HMW for film. HD Blow Mold and LDPE film saw solid action as well. Producers continue to target exports for their incremental sales, which has kept the domestic market snugly supplied while applying upward pressure on pricing. What used to be a rare occurrence has become a more common trend as our export sales again outstripped our domestic shipments. Although international feedstock costs have softened along with Crude Oil the past month or two, surging freight rates and delays from Asia have more than offset the cost savings, while driving additional buyers to the US for competitively priced Polyethylene with quicker shipping. On the contract front, producers have rolled their 3-cent price initiatives to June, coming after the unsuccessful effort to implement higher prices in May.

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Softness Meets Strength.

Low-Density Polyethylene Injection

At The Plastics Exchange, LDPE Injection is celebrated for its soft texture and impressive strength, making it ideal for producing items that require both flexibility and durability, such as squeeze bottles, toys, and flexible tubes. This material excels in applications where a high degree of pliability is essential, alongside a resistance to acids, bases, and vegetable oils.

Offering a unique combination of softness and robust performance, LDPE Injection provides critical adaptability and reliability for manufacturers, supporting a broad range of product designs and functional requirements.

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How much resin is generally available?
We normally see about 10-25 million lbs of spot resin each week, but occasionally, in very loose markets, have had more than 50 million lbs offered on the spot floor.
Can I buy a Specific Brand from The Plastics Exchange?
We do not sell branded prime, but can generally get you a Generic Prime substitute to fit your needs. If you do require a specific brand, you need to maintain your current supply channel, be it though a Distributor or Producer direct.