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Brüggemann ChemicalProvides raw materials for reactive processing of three distinct families of materials based on Nylon 6 (polyamide 6). The materials are used in a wide range of applications.More
ABC Polymers, Inc.ABC Polymers, Inc. reprocesses over 200 million pounds annually of polyolefin based materials with distribution throughout North America and Asian markets. Our services and products include HDPE and LDPE repro for blown film and injection molding, tolling, grinding and baling. We purchase all types of Post Industrial/Commercial/Consumer plastics.More
Able PlasticsThermoplastic scrap, regrind, reprocessed, and virgin resins trader.More
Adirondack Plastics and Recycling, Inc.Professionals brokers and reprocessors of plastics and paper scrap.More
Advanced Plastic RecyclingQuality Toll services of Pelletizing,Densifing,grinding and brokerage of plastic materials.More
Alliance Polymers, Inc.Alliance Polymers – Engineering and Commodity Plastic Resins Supplier. We buy and sell PPC, PPH, HDPE, LDPE and PS commodity polymer resins. Engineering plastic resins include ABS, PC, PC/ABS, Nylon, PPO and PBT. We also have plastic grinding and compounding capabilities. Our recycling technology offers better uses of recycled post-consumer plastic waste. More
Alphatec ExtrusionEngineering, extrusion and product development.More
Alternative Plastic ServicesDedicated to provide quality service in the post industrial scrap market.More
Alternative Plastic ServicesProvides quality service in the post industrial scrap market.More
American Commodities, Inc.Provides state-of-the-art recycle-oriented thermoplastic resins for injection mold and extrusion applications.More
American Trading InternationalPurchases all quantities from anywhere in the world of any plastic materials.More
B. Schoenberg & Co., Inc.Plastic recyclers and brokers.More
Bacell PolyolefinsProducer of polypropylene and advanced polyolefins products, supplier of polyethylene and catalysts, development and licensing of polypropylene and polyethylene processes.More
Bata Plastics Inc.Recycles as many plastic parts as possible.More
Bay PolymerSupplier of quality plastic resin.More
Benzene International Pte LtdWe are a dynamic and multi-faceted Limited Company based in Singapore actively involved in Manufacturing Procurement Distribution and Export of various Commodities and Products.And exporting recycled plastic resins to all over the world.More
Butler-MacDonald, Inc.Industrial plastics separation, recycling, recovery and contamination removal.More
C.C. Reprocessing, Inc.Conducts full service plastic recycling programs with manufacturers throughout North America and distributes materials on a global basis.More
Canusa Hershman Recycling CompanyTrading secondary fiber and other recyclable commodities.More
CAPCO Polymer IndustriesSupplier of quality plastic resin. Sells Regrind, Reprocessed and Virgin resin and buys scrap and regrind plastic materials.More
Carolina Plastics, Inc.Full service plastics recycling company offering both in-house and mobile grinding. More
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LPProducer of olefins and polyolefins and a leading supplier of aromatics, alpha olefins, styrenics, specialty chemicals, piping, and proprietary plastics.More
Coastal Compounds Resins More
Commercial carpet cleaning torontoAll Star Kwik Dry provides upholstery cleaning and dry cleaned carpet in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, Pickering, and GTA. Professional residential and commercial cleaning services of All Star Kwik Dry are also available in Ajax, Whitby, Newmarket, Brampton, Mississauga, Stoufville and the Durham Region.More
Commercial Plastics Recycling, Inc.Buys and sells recycled plastic material.More
CSI PlasticsPurchases Surplus and Scrap Plastics from Resin Producers, Molders, Extruders, Fabricators, and Recycling Companies. More
Custom Polymers INCCustom Polymers, Inc. (CPI) is a recycler and reprocessor of post industrial plastic waste. CPI specializes in setting up recycling programs for manufacturers generating plastic scrap, providing a long-term recycling solution while customizing each program to meet the individual needs of our clients. Because of our commitment to customer service, CPI has become one of the fastest growing recycling companies in the United States over the past eight years. We take pride in operating our business ethically and with integrity and, as a result, enjoy numerous long-term relationships with our clients. We build relationships, and recycling programs, that last More
db international, llcOffers Prime, Generic Prime, and Wide Spec thermoplastic commodities. Provides premier recycling solutions for regrind/scrap needs.More
Envision Group Inc.Primary recycling, mobius separator film, cascade separator film.More
EPI Recycling SolutionsEPI Recycling Solutions is a post-industrial recycler with operations in Erie, Pennsylvania, and Sanford, North Carolina. We offer our customers a variety of recycling services including sustainability management, material consolidation, certified destruction, toll processing, pelletizing, and grinding. More
EPMG Inc.Produces demetalized polycarbonate regrind.More
Expladan Recycling A/SRecycling of plastic materials.More
Federal Plastics CorporationDistributor and Compounder of thermoplastic resins.More
Foam Design Inc.Specialized in meeting the needs of our clients through leading edge cushion packaging, innovative protective packaging designs and unique fabricated foam solutions.More
GIANCO Diversified Environment ServicesSpecialized in the implementation and management of comprehensive environmental and recycling programs and the distribution of related products.More
Incom Resources Recovery (Tian Jin) Co., Ltd.As the executive director of China Packaging Federation, INCOM RESOURCES is a professional and reliable RPET Supplier with nearly 20 years of production experience, and has passed FDA, GRS, ISO9000 and other certifications. More
Infinity NylonPost-consumer nylon 6 products, such as carpet made with Anso nylon, can be captured, renewed, and manufactured into brand new, first-quality nylon products.More
Intercontinental Export Import, Inc.Provide Total Recycling Program to the Producers, Also Provide Valuue Added Services including extrsuion and compouunding. We have line of Engineering Plastics compounded products and also Post consumer based Green Compounds of Nylon, PP and PC.More
JadcoreCommercializes the reprocessing of commodity plastic materials.More
Johnson Polymers Ltd.Supplying the plastic injection moulding industry with materials and quality service.More
K-mac PlasticsSource for Plastic Resin, Plastic Sheet, Rods, Tubes, Hex, Bar Stock, Virgin, Prime, Reprocessed, Wide Spec and scrap regrind plastics.More
K-Net Asia Ltd.Trading raw material and machinery.More
Kasha IndustriesCompounding, blending, coloring, shedding, drying, grinding, toll processing, warehousing.More
Maine Plastics, Inc.Buyers and Sellers of Plastic Resins.More
Manner ResinsBuys and sells plastics in both post-industrial and post-consumer applications.More
Marsh Plastics Inc.Supplier of custom and proprietary engineering thermoplastic resins.More
MBA Polymers, Inc.Recycling engineering plastics from durable goods and other complex waste streams such as electronics; computers and business equipment; as well as automobiles, appliances, and even sports equipment.More
Meet Marketing ( I ) Pvt. LtdWe are dealing in PVC RESIN, P.P.,LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE prime and second prime ( Off grade ). also we are dealing in all type of polymer Regrind. We import all polymer raw material and regrind for Indian market. More
MEI - Midwest Elastomers Inc.Offers cryogenic and ambient grinding services to produce fine mesh powders and granules from rubber and plastic materials.More
Michael Day Enterprises, Inc.Offering a comprehensive range of engineering thermoplastic compounds with a unique balance of Quality, Value, and Service.More
Modern Plastic Ind.Specializing in the field of Recycling, Processing, Upgrading and Export of Plastic Raw Material and Plastic products.More
MRC Polymers, Inc. More
Multiplas International, Inc.Worldwide base of plastics manufacturers and distributors serving the industrial and consumer marketplaces.More
National Recycling NetworkProvides waist stream solutions, on-site processing evaluations.More
Nexcycle Plastics Inc More
Nicos Polymers & Grinding Inc.Full service size reduction and processing specialist.More
Ningbo Minte Nylon Industry Co., Ltd.Joint venture which specializes in producing Nylon 6,6 plastics, Adipic Acid and Hexamethylene Diamine.More
NTM Inc.Industry leader for PET (polyethylene terephthalate) polymer processing and related services.More
Ohio Valley PlasticsMarkets, compounds, and recycles a wide variety of thermoplastics throughout North America, Mexico, Central America and Asia.More
Omni Resource Recovery, Inc.Full-Service Recycler, Processor, and Manufacturer with seven facilities in the US.More
Phoenix TechnologiesPET recycling technology.More
Plast-Ex International Inc.Commited to environment conservation by providing recycling services to the plastic industry.More
Plastamid (Pty) LimitedChemical Services is the largest speciality chemical operation in Southern Africa with more than 20 subsidiaries and joint ventures supplying to a broad spectrum of industry with a large variety of chemicals, raw materials and services.More
Plastex Corp.Works with training, materials and additives, equipment, molds, recycling, assembly, decoration and facilities.More
Plastic & Rubber Saleswe do custom cryogenic grinding of rubber and plastic. We also grind your material for you. We have good pricing, quality, and quick turn around time.More
Plastic Innovations, Inc.Manufacturer of Sheet Lifters for the Binder Industry - Specializing is Custom Sizes and Profile Extruding.More
Plastic Recyclers Southeast, Inc.Purchases and processes post-consumer and industrial plastic by-products.More
Plastic Revolutions, Inc.Plastics recycling company that purchases or otherwise acquires plastic scrap from industrial plants and post consumer sources.More
Plastic Selection GroupPlastic material development and selection.More
Plastic Service CentersWide variety of commodity resins, engineered resins, and automotive approved resins in stock and ready for immediate shipment.More
Plastics Engineering CompanyManufactures a complete line of phenolic resins suitable for general and specialized industrial and consumer applications.More
PlastiCycle Corp.Professional Plastic Recycling.More
Polly ProductsLocated in a rural Michigan farming community, Polly Product''s owners and workforce share the values that have made our country great. Hard work, honesty, and the desire to deliver quality products is the mainstay of rural America. We are proud to supply an environmentally responsible product to the marketplace. A product that provides a durable alternative to other materials that rob our environment of our valuable natural resources is a Polly Product. ”Green Products for a Green World” is our contribution to the saving of our planet. More
Polymer Partners, LLCProduces a custom or commodity product to your specifications and requirements.More
Polymer Reprocessors Introduces innovative recycling techniques into previously unexplored areas of the plastics waste market.More
Polymer Resources Ltd.Independent compounders of custom and proprietary engineering thermoplastic resins.More
Polyreps Inc.Certifiable custom pre-colored resins, custom color concentrates or even dry colors.More
Polysource Inc.Manufactures color EPS (expandable polystyrene) resin and specialty EPS co-polymers.More
PolyTrade, Inc.Purchases and sells plastic resins, reground and recycled scrap.More
Pro Pel Plastech Inc.Pelletizing of LDPE, HDPE, Surlyn, Poly Pro, and Urethanes, Compounding, Densifying of most any material, Reprocessing of urethanes, Grinding of parts, chunks, and film in LDPE, HDPE, & Urethanes, Custom slitting of film, Flat die extrusion.More
Rainier Plastics, Inc.Has provided quality thermoplastics reprocessing services for over 30 years.More
RAPACHas 18 years of experience in the direct injection process for gasing polystyrene.More
RBW Technologies, Inc.Recycled Plastic Resins & Compounds, Toll Size Reduction and Compounding, Certified Destruction.More
Reaction Polymers, Inc.Distribution of virgin, wide spec, reprocessed and regrind thermoplastic resins.More
Recycle for Breast CancerNo-cost, national fundraising program to help the fight against breast cancer while benefiting the environment.More
Recycling Solutions, Inc.Industrial recycling company that specializes in plastic scrap material.More
Reliable Resins CompanyRecycled plastic materials supplier.More
Resco Plastics, Inc.MAXiTUF Plus product line is made using a specific blend of recycled plastics in combination with patented ingredients to form an alloy of outstanding toughness.More
ResinexPlastic, rubber and chemical raw materials distribution company.More
RJ Industries, LLCCommitted to providing the highest quality workforce available.More
Seraphim Plastics LLCRecyclers of plastic scrap with locations in Memphis TN and Warren, MI. Seraphim reprocesses a varieity of forms and grades of plastic scrap.More
Solplast Inc.Manufacturer of recycled repro resin. HDPE (Blow/Extrusion/Injection), LDPE (Film/Injection)& PP. Avaialble in gaylord boxes, super sacks or tanker trucks.More
St. Jude PolymerIndustry leader and innovator, we have developed washing, extruding, solid state and sheet applications.More
Sun Valley Worldwide, Inc.Full service recycling and environmental company providing comprehensive services on a national and international basis.More
The Plastic Works, Inc.Buys, sells and processes scrap plastic parts, reground , reprocessed, virgin wide-spec, and prime virgin plastics.More
The Plastics Group of AmericaManufactures, compounds, recycles, and distributes a complete line of thermoplastics to meet the needs of molding, extrusion and blow molding processors.More
The Polymer ShopSpecialized in surplus, aged, wide-spec, and scrap inventory items. Buys and sells ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PBT, SAN, and other engineering grade plastic resins in pellet, regrind, part, or purge form.More
ThinkNext Plastics SolutionsProvides total plastics solutions to the North American plastic manufacturers, including injection molders and extrusion houses.More
United Plastic Recycling, Inc.Buys, sells, processes Commodity and Engineering Thermoplastic, scrap, regring, virgin.More
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Vikoz Enterprises LLCRecycles all plastics and non-ferrous metal.More
William Barnet & Son, LLCGlobal supplier and processor of synthetic fiber, synthetic yarn and polymer for the chemical fiber, engineered resin and textile related industries.More
Windward Trading Company More
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